Kids Gardening Tools Outdoor Toys Set - Backyard Play With Wheelbarrow

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Kids Gardening Tools Outdoor Toys Set - Backyard Play With Wheelbarrow

Kids Gardening Tools Outdoor Toys Set Backyard Play with Wheelbarrow

The Kids Gardening Tools Outdoor Toys Set is a great way to introduce your child to the garden and its many tools. This set includes a Wheelbarrow, a Water pail, a Spray bottle, four pots and wooden handle rakes. You can even customize the rakes with your child's name! All in all, this set is the perfect way to get your child interested in gardening, and will help him or her grow in the process!


The Wheelbarrow in Kids Gardening Tools Outdoor toys set is a durable, movable outdoor toy, ideal for backyard play. The wheelbarrow is made of red poly and is a sturdy, 33"L x 17"W x 15 3/4"H. It has rounded handles and a steel front tray brace, making it safe for young children to use. It comes with a washable apron with an adjustable neck strap.

Water pail

A kid's gardening kit provides them with a variety of tools to use in the yard and encourages them to get dirty. This kit also includes a durable, sturdy wheelbarrow, a trowel, and a hand rake. The wheelbarrow is sturdy and made from red poly that's sturdy enough for little hands. A hammer and a round or square shovel are also included. This set comes in four colors and requires assembly.

Spray bottle

Kids can learn how to use a variety of tools by playing in the garden. A garden toy set made for children can be the perfect choice for parents who want to teach a child about the environment. This kids gardening set includes a wheelbarrow, fork, spade, and three pockets. They can also use these tools to plant flowers and vegetables. The set also includes a hat, apron, and gloves.

Four pots

This set includes three garden tools, one fork and spade, and one small flower pot for your toddler. This set helps develop gross and fine motor skills, and is made from nontoxic, durable plastic. The tools have nonsharp edges to ensure safety. There is also a waterproof apron and puncture-proof gloves included for your toddler's protection.

Rain boots

The Kids Gardening Tools Outdoor Toys Set is an excellent way to teach your toddler the basics of gardening. The wheelbarrow and hand tools are well-made and will encourage outside play while developing fine and gross motor skills. The set comes with a hammer and two shovels: a round and a square. It is durable and made of quality plastic and metal. You can also purchase a waterproof apron and puncture proof gloves for extra safety.


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