Kitchen Basket Sink Filter Swan Drain Rack - 4 Pcs

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Kitchen Basket Sink Filter Swan Drain Rack - 4 Pcs

Kitchen Basket Sink Filter Swan Drain Rack  4 Pcs

The Kitchen Basket Sink Filter Swan Drain Rack combines a beautiful and functional design. The Swan Shape drain baskets are available in 4 colors and are compatible with most faucets. They come with double or single slots for easy drainage. They can be stored on a wall hook when not in use. This nifty product is suitable for draining most types of foods. It is a stylish addition to any kitchen.

Suitable For Faucets Under 1.9"/4.8Cm

A kitchen sink strainer makes an excellent addition to a sink. Unlike other kitchen sink accessories, it doesn't require installation and can be easily used as is. Made of sturdy plastic, it won't crack or become brittle even after extended soaking. They also fit into four corner spaces of your sink, making efficient use of the edge area. The swan drainage basket is a versatile addition to any sink, suitable for any faucet up to 1.9"/4.8cm.


The Swan Sink Drain Rack is made of PP material that is odourless and safe. Its non-slip convex strip is a perfect fit for sinks with faucets that are not larger than 1.77"/4.5cm. The Swan Sink Drain Rack is also dishwasher safe and has a lifetime guarantee. The Swan Drain Rack also features a triangular swan shape that makes efficient use of the space at the corner of the sink. Not only does it look adorable but it also works as a clog-free drain.

This product also comes in four different colors. These drain baskets work with most faucets and are easy to clean. They come with either single or double slots for easy disposal. You can also hang them on a wall hook when not in use. They can drain most types of food and liquid. While it might not look pretty in your kitchen, the swan drain basket is extremely functional and will save you a ton of time in cleaning up your sink.


If you're concerned about your sink filter, you can opt for a swan sink filter. Its triangular structure is ideal for 1.8-inch faucet tubes. Its large opening design makes it convenient to clean and also offers a place to put small kitchen tools and waste. Its large capacity allows you to collect large quantities of food and waste without using extra bowls or utensils. The swan drain rack is sturdy and easy to assemble and disassemble. The swan sink filter is a multifunctional device that keeps your kitchen sink clean.

The swan sink filter is made of food-grade PP material. It features a non-slip convex strip to prevent slipping. Its hooks can be placed on the faucet to make it easier to remove water. Depending on the type of sink filter, it may feature single or double slots to hold more water. Swan drain racks are available in a variety of colors, styles, and materials.


Using a Decorative kitchen basket sink filter rack will keep your drain free from debris. This multi-purpose draining rack fits over a 3-1/2" diameter drain hole, preventing excess water from clogging the drain. The basket lifts out for easy cleaning and disposal. Made of stainless steel, this basket is also easy to clean and maintain. It makes a great kitchen decoration! It will look beautiful in any kitchen, and will also keep your sink free of odors and bacteria.

A Decorative kitchen basket sink filter rack can be purchased in different shapes and sizes to fit any sink. These unique designs use the corner space and do not take up extra room. The basket's pores help dissipate moisture quickly. It is made of food-grade PP material, which is safe and odourless. It is also sturdy and non-slip, so you won't have to worry about it slipping around.


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