Klein Tools Tool Set With Diagonal Cutters and Long Nose Pliers

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Klein Tools Tool Set With Diagonal Cutters and Long Nose Pliers

Tool Set with Linemans Pliers Diagonal Cutters and Long Nose Pliers

Whether you're in the construction industry or simply need a great set of pliers, the Klein Tools Tool Kit with Lineman's pliers, long nose plier, and diagonal cutters will help you accomplish your tasks. This three-piece set comes with the 3 most popular pliers and features high leverage designs that put the rivet close to the cutting edge for 46 percent more cutting and gripping power. They feature a hot-riveted joint to ensure smooth action and no handle wobble.

Klein Tools

The Diagonal Cutters and Long Nosse Pliers by Klein Tools are forged steel linemen's pliers. Long nose side cutters are great for grabbing wire and looping it. They're also durable, being made of forged steel. The Long Nose Pliers are forged steel for maximum strength. This pair of lineman's pliers is made of high-quality forged steel.

The Diagonal Cutters and Long Nosing Pliers from Klein Tools are made of heavy-duty, induction-hardened steel for easy cutting. Their slim heads fit into tight spaces, and their extended handles provide extra reach. Their long nose makes them great for looping wire and grabbing it. They also come with a nylon sheath to prevent the wire from snagging while working.

Lineman's Pliers

When it comes to cutting and bending, Lineman's Pliers are the go-to tools for the job. They are designed with a flat gripping surface at the snub nose. Lineman's Pliers also come in combination styles, which include a shorter flat surface and a concave or curved jaw in the head. These pliers are particularly useful for light engineering tasks and can also be used as wire cutters.

Lineman's Pliers are essential tools for electrical workers. Linemen need to work with a lot of wire and they need pliers that will fit into tight spaces. Long Nose Side-Cutters are perfect for this purpose, as they have a side cutter and a serrated gripping surface. The high-leverage, Diagonal Cutters are also an excellent choice if you're working with metal.

Diagonal Cutting Pliers

There are several types of pliers for electricians and linemen. Lineman's pliers are made for cutting, and have two different jaw configurations: single joint and lap joint. Single joint diagonals are smaller and ideal for fine work, and have a slot or pocket machined into one side of the plier's jaw. They have a very ridged surface to help keep the cutting edges aligned.

Lineman's pliers are designed for twisting and cutting wire. They're also used for cutting and gripping a variety of wire materials. Long nose side cutters have a long handle and are typically 8 inches long, while the short-jawed ones have short jaws and bevel cutting edges. While each has its own unique purpose, they all are essential for certain electrical applications.

Long Nose Pliers

The Pliers Tool Kit features three of the most popular pliers. The Lineman's Pliers have high-leverage designs that put the rivet closer to the cutting edge. They provide 46 percent more cutting power than standard pliers and do so with no handle wobble. The Diagonal Cutting Pliers feature a hot-riveted joint that reduces handle wobble.

This six-piece tool kit is ideal for trade apprentices just starting out. It includes three pairs of pliers, a wire stripper, and two screwdrivers. Both screwdrivers have cushion-grip handles to reduce fatigue while applying torque. The High-Leverage Diagonal Cutting Pliers are made of forged steel that provides 46 percent more cutting power than standard pliers. They also come with an extra long handle to facilitate easier maneuverability and leverage.


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