Ladder Shelf Open Bookshelf 5-Tier Wall-Mounted Wood Bookcase Storage Rack

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Ladder Shelf Open Bookshelf 5-Tier Wall-Mounted Wood Bookcase Storage Rack

Ladder Shelf Open Bookshelf 5Tier WallMounted Wood Bookcase Storage Rack

Open-space design is one of the most common features of the Ladder Shelf Open Bookshelf, and this wall-mounted bookcase also inherits this feature. Its open space design provides ample storage room, while its elegant appearance makes it the perfect addition to any room. You can easily decorate it with decorative items, such as photo frames, climbing plants, or even string lights. If you wish, you can even use it as a plant corner!

Theo Ladder Bookshelf

Theo Ladder Bookshelf 5-tier wall-mounted wood bookcase storage rack has an open shelving design and durable metal frame. This unit is designed to hold up to 50 pounds per shelf and measures approximately 24" x 12" x 72". Its sturdy metal frame is easy to assemble and is shipped from a USA warehouse. All components are included for the easy installation.

Industrial Retro Wall Mounted Iron Water Pipe Shelf

If you are looking for a unique way to store your things, why not try an industrial pipe shelf? Besides being attractive and functional, this pipe shelf can also save space on your shelves. The metal round pipe hanging shelf bracket is attached to the wall to enhance its firmness and stability. And it can hold up to 140 pounds of weight! To get started, you will need 3/4-inch pine board, iron pipes, and pipe clamps.

The Industrial Retro Wall Mounted Iron Water Pipe Shelving is made of iron pipe and can have as many as five layers. You can also mount it on the floor or ceiling. The shelf is made of heavy-duty iron pipe and gives off a unique retro industrial look. These shelves are perfect for DIY projects. They are easy to install and provide your room with a vintage industrial style and a functional vertical storage system.

DIY Wall-Mounted Wood Bookcase Storage Rack

Using wood planks, you can build a ladder-style bookcase. Each shelf will have three sections. To add more storage, use two tiers or five. For a more rustic look, leave the shelves unfinished. A power drill and jigsaw are also required. You will need a few tools, including wood screws and nails.

The rustic industrial style of a ladder bookcase gives your home a unique character. The stacked shelves create a cozy atmosphere while providing ample storage space. In addition to books, you can also display photos and plants on it. It's also an excellent plant corner. And it's available in various finishes, including white, cherry, and cappuccino.


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