LED Dog Safety Light Weatherproof Dog Collar Clip-On Light For Night Dog

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LED Dog Safety Light Weatherproof Dog Collar Clip-On Light For Night Dog

LED Dog Safety Light Weatherproof Dog Collar ClipOn Light for Night Dog

LED Dog Safety Light Weatherproof, Clip-On Dog Collar is a great choice for a night dog's collar. They are USB rechargeable, and take only an hour to charge up. Once full, the collar provides six hours of working light. Long battery life is helpful for long walks or overnight trips. Unlike other LED collars, these ones are dust and weather-resistant. They come with three modes and a range of 500 meters.

Illumifun Dog Safety Light Dog Collar

The Illumifun Dog Safety LED Clip-On Light has three flashing modes to help you locate your night-time canine companion. This waterproof dog safety light can be clipped onto your dog's neck and is incredibly bright. It can be easily switched from steady on to rapid flashing and has a battery life of up to three hours. This pet light is also easy to recharge and can be used in the rain.

The light is attached to your dog's collar, and can match any type of collar that has a hanging buckle. It also doubles as a keyhole light, so you can see the lights even when you're distracted. One of the best features of this safety light is that it doesn't cover up your dog's ID tag. This light needs to be worn in addition to its regular collar. I recently purchased a light for my 10-pound Chihuahua mix, Pooka. She was hesitant at first, but now she carries it everywhere.

Nite Ize SpotLIT LED Disc-O Select LED collar

The Nite Ize SpotLIT is a small, portable, LED mini-beacon that's set into a lightweight stainless steel carabiner for easy attachment. It provides a pleasantly bright ambient glow that's sufficient for reading fine print or finding a car door keyhole. In a dark parking lot, SpotLit's ambient glow will help people find their way back.

Nite Ize's SpotLIT LED dog safety light is a rechargeable flashlight with a durable carabiner clip. The light's three modes cycle between white, red, and green to offer your pet maximum visibility at night. The Nite Ize SpotLIT is waterproof and has a one-year warranty. You can buy several SpotLITs if you want to protect more than one dog. This pet safety light measures 1.3 inches long and 2.1 inches wide.

Nite Ize Nite Dawg Dog Collar Cover

If you've ever had the misfortune of not being able to see your dog after sundown, you will be thrilled to learn that the Nite Ize Nigh Dawg LED dog collar cover will solve your problem. Made of durable yet lightweight material, this cover is flexible and ultra low-profile, and is secured by micro hook-and-loop tabs.

The LED dog safety light is powered by a battery that lasts for years. Its bright red color is visible up to 1,000 feet and has a low-profile, flexible design. The Nite Dawg's light is waterproof and easily replaces existing collars. It features an on/off switch and can be operated in one of two modes - flash mode or glow mode.


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