LED Running Waist Belt - USB Rechargeable Reflective Glowing LED Waistband

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LED Running Waist Belt - USB Rechargeable Reflective Glowing LED Waistband

LED Running Waist Belt  USB Rechargeable Reflective Glowing LED Waistband

The benefits of the LED Running Wear Belt are numerous. The user-friendly design allows anyone to wear it regardless of their activity. The adjustable belt is comfortable and elastic, allowing for complete range of motion. There's no risk of snagging on a tough spot. The USB-rechargeable battery provides hours of use. You can even wear it for longer than you expected.

BSEEN LED Safety Running Waist Belt

The BSEEN LED Safety Running Waist Belt features a USB rechargeable battery that lasts between five and eight hours. The belt has elastic bands to fit a variety of waist sizes and is powered by a Micro USB battery. The belt can be charged using any micro USB cable. This USB-rechargeable LED waistband is a unique unisex athletics accessory that gives runners and cyclists ultra high visibility around every turn. It also provides greater protection from distracted drivers and motorists.

This USB-rechargeable USB-compatible waistband comes with a waterproof pocket, which allows you to store it in a pocket when not in use. These LED waistbands can be used by everyone in the family or in various activities. The LEDs can be switched between glow and flash modes. The BSEEN LED Safety Running Waist Belt has an adjustable waist band and is available in four different colors: blue with red LED, orange with white LED, and black with green LED. The LEDs are positioned on a flexible, comfortable waistband that allows for freedom of movement.

FlipBelt's LED Running Light

When you run or bike in the dark, one of the best ways to be seen is by wearing a running waist light. These lights are convenient because they fit into the access point of any FlipBelt and go on the front of your hips. The LEDs are low-profile, meaning that they don't create glare or bounce around like headlamps. The battery life of this running waist light is eight to twelve hours, depending on how often you use it.

The brightness of this USB-rechargeable glowing LED waistband is excellent, with four brightness settings to choose from. Unlike other lights on the market, this belt runs for up to eight hours and recharges from any standard outlet. There are nine pieces of the running light included, including a mini screwdriver to open the lamp's back. It can also be mounted to bike posts, bicycles, helmets, and more.


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