Long Bar Toggle Clamp

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Long Bar Toggle Clamp

Toggle Clamp DEMA201CI Vertical QuickRelease Hand Tool 100Kg 220Lbs 3 Pcs

When your job requires a rock-solid grip, the Long Bar Toggle Clamp is the perfect solution. Installed on tool holders, jigs, and fixtures, these clamps offer fast fixing of metal plates, molds, and other tools. You can also use these clamps on movable bases for greater flexibility and efficiency.

Heavy Duty Quick Release Long Bar Vertical Toggle Clamp

This Heavy Duty Quick Release Long Bar Vertical Toggler Clamp is an essential tool for t-track jig assembly, tool fixtures, and movable bases. With a rock solid grip and adjustable 90 degree clamping action, it is an excellent choice for securing your working stock. The low-height design allows for maximum clearance and vertical removal of the clamped item.

Toggle clamps are available in various materials depending on the force and environment they are expected to work in. Generally, standard toggle clamps are made of pressed steel components and finished with zinc plating. In highly-regulated environments, such as pharmaceutical and food industries, stainless steel is the best option. Stainless steel is the cleanest industrial material available. This is why toggle clamps with this material are available with a wide range of hygienic features.

Toggle clamps also come in different configurations. The most common clamp action is the vertical action. The bar swings down and is locked in place. The horizontal toggle clamp provides the holding force in a downward direction, which allows for more clearance above and further away from the clamp. Toggle clamps with this type of configuration are designed for use with M6 or 1/4" fasteners, and feature a large and nicely shaped handle for easy and comfortable operation.

Heavy Duty Quick Release Long Bar Vertical Toggel Clamp features a knee joint that moves the clamping arm. This feature absorbs much of the retention force. They are available in steel, stainless steel, and metric sizes. There is also a lock mechanism that prevents accidental movement of the clamping arm during assembly. Generally, toggle clamps are fast and provide secure positioning. However, if you are looking for a more durable clamp, you may want to consider buying a more durable one.

The toggle clamp is a versatile tool that has many uses. These clamps are adjustable to fit your needs, and come with a range of mounting options. Some are solid and others are U-shaped. They can secure objects around machinery, or before a jigsaw cut. They are easy to use and can be mounted right in the middle of a workbench. They can even be used on scaffolding.


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