MEDca 12 Pack Self Adhesive Bandage Wrap Cohesive Tape Review

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MEDca 12 Pack Self Adhesive Bandage Wrap Cohesive Tape Review

MEDca offers several self-adhesive bandages for your everyday use. Among the most popular brands are BQTQ, Mooerca, and FriCARE. The product that is rated as the best has honest feedback from 833 consumers with an average rating of 4.8 stars. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of these self-adhesive bandages.

MEDca Self Adhesive Bandage Wrap Cohesive Tape

MEDca Self Adhesive Bandages are a convenient and cost-effective way to wrap wounds. They measure 2" x 5 Yards and provide the perfect support for controlled compression. Unlike other bandages, they do not stick to hair or skin, and they won't fall off easily. These bandages can be used for athletic sprains, sports injuries, and for general first aid use.

When applied to a wound, the MEDca Self Adhesive Bandages are made of medical-grade non-woven fabric that is soft and comfortable against the skin. The underlying layer of the wrap is self-adhesive, so the bandage does not stick to hair. The bandages can be repositioned at any time with a pair of scissors or by unwrapping them.

The adhesive bandages are non-sticky and provide controlled compression without constricting circulation. They are also breathable and lightweight. CoFlex is an excellent choice for primary dressings and hemostasis. Its easy tear ability allows for painless application and removal. Andover Healthcare makes several color options and offers assorted widths for convenience. The adhesive bandages can be used as a primary dressing and are water-resistant.


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