Melissa & Doug Cutting Fruit Set - Wooden Play Food Kitchen Accessory

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Melissa & Doug Cutting Fruit Set - Wooden Play Food Kitchen Accessory

Cutting Fruit Set  Wooden Play Food Kitchen Accessory

If you're in the market for a wooden play food kitchen accessory, you might be interested in Melissa & Doug's Cutting Fruit Set. This toy comes with a wooden knife and seven slices of sliceable fruit that can be cut into seventeen pieces. When cut, each slice makes a realistic "CRUNCH" sound. Children can play with this toy while learning about parts, wholes, and fractions.

Slice and Serve Fruit Set - Wooden Play Food Kitchen Accessory

The Melissa & Doug Slice and Serve Fruit Set encourages kids to practice their fine motor skills and socialization skills, while also promoting healthy eating habits. It features 16 colorful and durable food options for kids aged three and up. The toys are easy for kids to handle and have no sharp edges. Moreover, the set also helps children develop hand-eye coordination and physical flexibility. Its wood is organic rubber wood that meets U.S. CPSC safety standards, while the fruits and vegetables stick together using a nylon buckle.

These kitchen accessories are great for pretend play and development of fine motor skills. It is also great for helping kids learn about safety in the kitchen. Children can pretend to chop, slice, and serve food while learning about different food safety practices. They will also learn the names of fruits and vegetables, and recognize their shapes. They'll love pretending to cook and serve a meal. You can also let them play in the kitchen while your hands are free to hold other objects.

Melissa & Doug

If you're looking for a wooden play food set for your child, look no further than the Melissa & Doug Cutting Fruit Set. Featuring seventeen fruit slices, a wooden knife, and a cutting tray, this set is an excellent introduction to fractions and encouraging imaginative play. It also introduces your child to the concepts of whole and part, as well as how to prepare different dishes.

This wooden play food set comes complete with 17 pieces and a wooden knife. The pieces are designed to look realistic, and the wooden knife makes it easy for children to slicing their fruit and vegetables. For an additional $20, it comes with a wooden scale that teaches your child basic numbers. Melissa & Doug cutting fruit and vegetable sets include the perfect kitchen accessory for little chefs!

Melissa & Doug Cutting Fruit Set

This wooden play food kitchen accessory is a wonderful choice for any young child. It comes with a 17-piece fruit set, a knife, and an attractive wooden crate. In addition to encouraging imaginative play, this set introduces the concept of part, whole, and fractions. A great addition to any kitchen accessory collection, the set is also ideal for teaching children about fractions and early math development.

The cut-out shapes of the fruit and vegetables are much better looking than real-life kitchen items. They're also nice to touch and add to the aesthetic appeal of your child's play area. The set also comes with a wooden scale, which helps your child learn about basic measurements. As a bonus, the wooden scale is nontoxic and will last for years to come.


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