Neosmuk Heavy Duty Earth Magnets With Hook

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Neosmuk Heavy Duty Earth Magnets With Hook

Neosmuk Magnetic Hooks 22 Lb Heavy Duty Earth Magnets With Hook

The strength and durability of the magnet are unbeatable. It is ideal for hanging tools, knives, nails, pincers, and more. It has a mirror-like finish with a Nickel-Copper-Nickel coating that offers a superior anti-corrosive property. The hook's dimensional precision is excellent. Its anti-corrosive, mirror-like finish is both highly attractive and functional.

Neodymium 245 lb Fishing Magnet

This strong and durable Neodymium 245 lb Fisherman's Magnet is the perfect fishing magnet. Its diameter is 1.75 inches and it's imbedded with a high grade magnetic king. The king is a thick, super-strong neodymium rare earth magnet. With a pull force of 245 pounds, this magnet will bring in more fish than its weight. This magnet also has a steel base and ultra-reinforced stud. This is another important component of a fishing magnet. Its magnetic force is concentrated even further with a chrome-plated steel cup.

Mavoro 245 lb Magnetic Pull Hook

The Mavoro 245 lb Magnetic Power Hook is the perfect accessory for any kitchen, bathroom, or workshop. The hook is incredibly durable and easy to install. It comes with 6 hooks in a set and is plated in 3 layers of black finish. Perfect for hanging grill tools or anything else, this magnet hook will keep everything you need to hang in place. It has a lifetime warranty to back up its quality and durability.

CMS Magnetics' magnetic hooks

If you're looking for a magnetic hook for use in a variety of applications, CMS Magnetics offers a large selection of high-quality products. These products are made by CMS Magnetics, Inc. under an ISO 9001 quality system. Each magnet is made from the highest quality N52 magnet and coated to maximize its service life. The hooks come in various sizes and are offered in a variety of colors and packaging sets.

Mavoro's magnetic pull hook

Mavoro's magnetic pull hook can hold odd-shaped objects, such as keys, coffee mugs, or umbrellas. The rust-free, stainless-steel magnets hold on to metal surfaces, and the hook's large disc is 1.42 inches in diameter; the front disc measures 0.93 inches. The hooks are sold as a two-pack, and are available in two colors: Nickel and the unique Black Raven.

Mavoro's magnetic hook

The premium earth neodymium magnet is ideal for hanging tools, wires, pictures, and other items. You can also use it as a magnetic key holder. However, if you intend to hang it outdoors, you will need to protect it from water. Look for a ceramic magnet instead. Otherwise, it will not hold strong enough to hang anything. Mavoro's magnetic hook is available in a variety of colors and finishes.


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