ODesign 2-in-1 Black Sink Sponge Holder

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ODesign 2-in-1 Black Sink Sponge Holder

stusgo 2 in 1 Black Sink Sponge Holder Sponge Caddy for Kitchen Sink

ODesign makes sink caddies in several colors, including black, silver, and stainless steel. This sink caddy is moisture-proof and sits under the sink. It includes a drip tray, so that water can drain. It's shaped to fit flat faucets so it won't take up valuable counter space. It also features holes at the bottom to drain water.

ODesign sink caddy

If you want to avoid cluttering up your sink, buy an ODesign sink caddy. This sink caddy comes in different designs to suit your bathroom. You can choose from black, silver, or stainless steel. It can be installed under the sink, and the adhesive included helps it stick to the wall for added stability. The ODesign sink caddy includes a drip tray and sits on a flat faucet, so it won't take up valuable counter space.

Designed to keep your cleaning tools neat and within reach, this caddy will save counter space. It also features a sponge holder, a hanging rod, and a drip tray that lets water drain. The caddy's non-slip bottom and smooth design prevent it from slipping on your counter. If you're in need of a caddy to organize your cleaning tools, look no further than an ODesign sink caddy.

ODesign 2 in 1 Black Sink Sponge Holder

The ODesign 2-in-1 black sink sponge holder is a practical solution for storing dish sponges. It is multifunctional and can be easily installed on the wall of the sink. Moreover, it features a caddy to store other cleaning supplies and a dispenser to keep soap. It will make your sink space neat and tidy. And the best thing about this sink accessory is that it is rustproof and will last for years.

Another great sponge holder is the FixOwl. It's placed over your sink and can hold dish brushes, scrubbers, sponges, and wash rags. It also doubles as a vegetable rinse basket. Its suction cups can withstand 15 pounds and it's also easy to install. Its two-level design also makes it the perfect accessory for the bathroom.


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