Outdoor Solar Wind Chime Lamp

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Outdoor Solar Wind Chime Lamp

Outdoor solar wind chime lamp solar butterfly hummingbird red bird

If you want an outdoor solar wind chie lamp to brighten your garden, you can opt for a colorful one. These wind chimes are made of vibrant colors and feature a solar panel that recharges during the day and turns on the lights at night. Besides being colorful, these wind chimes also feature a solar panel that recharges the LED bulb. Their shape is also quite vivid, and they can change colors with slight color variation.

Famiry Solar Butterfly Wind Chimes

If you are looking for a solar wind chime that can change color, you should look no further than the Famiry Solar Butterfly Wind Chimes. These chimes can change the ambience of your outdoor area and give it a mysterious, soft atmosphere. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can set the mood for any occasion. The Famiry Solar Butterfly Wind Chimes are made from high-quality materials and feature premium craftsmanship and quality control. It is therefore the perfect choice for anyone looking for the best solar wind chime within their budget.

The MorTime Hummingbird solar wind chime has a rechargeable battery and a solar panel. It recharges under direct sunlight and will automatically switch on when night falls. The upgraded battery allows the solar panel to absorb solar energy more quickly, converting it into electricity. This chime will emit lights for up to eight hours. This makes it a perfect choice for people who love to be outside. They can be easily set up in just minutes and are an excellent way to enjoy the sounds of nature.

MorTime Wind Chime

MorTime Outdoor solar wind chime lamp is an excellent choice if you want a beautiful garden or outdoor space that is also functional. It features 6 gorgeous hummingbirds, and the LED lights change color according to the time of day. This chime is made of durable nylon and aluminum, and comes with a S hook for easy hanging. It also features a color-changing LED bulb to add a romantic atmosphere to your backyard.

This chime lamp uses eight tubes made of aluminum and acrylic that change colors when the breeze catches them. The wooden wind catcher produces a deep tone when there's a light breeze. The solar wind chime is also waterproof, with an IP 65 rating that ensures it will withstand the elements outside. If you're planning on using your wind chime outside, you may want to consider a model that uses a Ni-MH battery. This type of battery will last long without needing a recharge.


If you love the sound of nature, then a solar wind chime may be the perfect addition to your outdoor space. The Kearui solar outdoor wind chime features four LED tubes and aluminum tubes to create a soothing sound. It is waterproof and has an IP65 rating, so you can use it in any weather condition without worrying about its inability to withstand rain or other harsh elements.

These waterproof wind chimes come in a variety of colors and designs. You can choose from a red bird, a butterfly, or a hummingbird to add to your garden. This chime is perfect for any season and is water-resistant for durability and ease of storage. You can place it in your yard and garden and enjoy the music throughout the day.


The Famiry Solar Butterfly Wind Chimes change colors at random, making them a great gift for people who love nature. They will have you singing along as they change colors, giving you a jovial mood. It is also a beautiful piece of garden decor. The butterfly wind chime is sturdy and well-balanced. It rotates on a swivel to allow the wind to catch it.

The LeiDrail outdoor solar wind chime lamp has an upgraded solar panel for eight hours of nighttime illumination. This product is energy-efficient, as it recharges its battery while being in the sun. The on/off switch is located under the solar panel, and it can be switched to "ON" or "OFF" position prior to charging. A retro moon shape adds a beautiful visual break.


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