Outdoor Sports Airsoft Tactical Goggles With 3 Lens UV400 Protection

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Outdoor Sports Airsoft Tactical Goggles With 3 Lens UV400 Protection

Outdoor Sports Airsoft Tactical Goggles with 3 Lens UV400 Impact resistance

If you want to buy a pair of Outdoor Sports Airsoft Tactical Goggle that can protect you from harmful UV rays, you have to look for a few things. These goggles should have a Safety rating of at least ANSI Z87.1. They should have a PC lens that is large enough to avoid fogging and glare and have UV400 protection. You can also look for other features such as large PC lens and ANSI Z87.1 impact resistance.

Safety rating

The high safety rating of these tactical goggles ensures maximum protection from harmful UV rays during outdoor sports. These goggles are suitable for paintball games, cosplay, and war games. They feature an adjustable headband and elastic straps to fit properly on your face. Moreover, they come with an extra cleaning cloth. These goggles are also compatible with many kinds of helmets and half-face masks.

UV400 protection

A pair of Outdoor Sports Airsoft Tactical Goggels with three lens UV400 protection is essential for any airsoft game. These goggles come with an adjustable head band and anti-fog coating. The goggles are also dust and water-resistant. In addition, the goggles come with a protective sleeve. Lastly, they offer UV400 protection for the eyes and are designed for a helmet-compatible fit.

Large PC lens

These Large PC lens for outdoor sports airsoft tactical are made for maximum eye protection. They come with UV400 impact resistance and filter 99% of harmful blue light. They are also equipped with 3.0 mm PC lens coating that helps reduce glare and tunes the transmission of light. The frames of these goggles come with an RX insert, so you can easily attach myopia glasses. These goggles do not interfere with your eyeglasses and will prevent any glare or haze from entering your eyes.

Passes ANSI Z87.1 high-mass

Personal eyewear and face protection is covered by ANSI Z87.1. Some sunglasses may be tested to meet the ANSI Z87.1 high-mass impact resistance requirement. These glasses are commonly used in many work environments, including construction, manufacturing, and warehouses. To ensure high-impact protection, eyewear must pass two different levels of impact resistance. For example, a high-mass test requires testing in a frame while a high-velocity test uses an artificial head form to drop a steel spike from 50 feet. Passing either of these tests will ensure that the eyewear remains intact after the fall.

Night vision

The Outdoor Sports Airsoft Tactical Goggle has three lens and provides great protection against the sun's UV rays. It also features anti-fog technology and an anti-scratch coating. The UV400 protection and full perimeter indirect ventilation provide optimal protection against fogging and other airborne particles. It is compatible with half-face masks and standard helmets and includes a cleaning cloth.

Anti-fog Clear Lenses

With anti-fog clear lenses, you can enjoy fog-free vision for a longer time. These lenses are also water-washable, durable, and offer excellent optical clarity. These goggles also block harmful UV rays. Whether you're shooting a gun or playing a sport, these goggles will keep your vision clear. Using a microfiber pouch, you can wipe them clean easily. Be sure to use water only, since any detergents can harm the anti-fog coating.


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