Palm Tree and Seagull Seaglass DIY Projects

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Palm Tree and Seagull Seaglass DIY Projects

Palm tree and Seagull Seaglass DIY

Create your own beautiful art pieces with the new hand picked Caribbean Seaglass Palm tree DIY project. Each piece is individually chosen and measures 5 1/2" tall and wide. The piece is printed on 5x7 canvas and guaranteed to be 100% authentic. This is the latest in design styles. Make a beautiful gift for someone you love with these unique items. You'll be pleased you did! And your finished piece is unique, too.

Seaglass mason jars

These three nautically themed mason jars will add an enchanting nautical touch to your beach-themed room. The white and turquoise tropical paints, along with the starfish and seagrass, create a classic nautical look. The sea glass is so versatile and can also be used to make jewelry and wind chimes. It's perfect for summer decor and works as an elegant side table accent, too.

To add a touch of the seaside to your living space, you can hang a pair of candleholders made from Seagull and Palm tree glass Mason jars wrapped in cargo net. You can use natural twine for the twine, which brings back memories of seagrass swaying in the breeze. Alternatively, you can create an architectural statement by placing palm fronds in simple white vases. These jars have sharp architectural lines but a soft profile.

Palm tree resin art

If you love coastal decor, you'll love this resin-covered sea glass dragonfly with mussel shell wings. This DIY project is not difficult and only requires a few simple tools. It starts with an Introduction and goes through the steps required to create the art piece. You'll learn how to clean glass, add hardware to the frame, and place sea glass. Next, you'll learn how to mix and pour the resin, and remove air bubbles and other imperfections.

Resin is a popular medium for framed art. Artists like Elena Zernova use it to create seascapes. They combine the material with sea glass and stones and place them in a wooden shadow box to create the perfect coastal scene. Another artist, Elise Byron, creates whimsical resin art using sea glass and seashells. Her sea glass DIY projects are part of the 2020 Virtual Beachcombing Festival.

Seaglass candle holders

To give a coastal feel to your living space, consider adding a seaside-themed centerpiece. Candle holders made of Mason jars wrapped in natural twine will evoke memories of seagrass swaying in the breeze. On the other hand, palm fronds in a white vase will make an architectural statement. Their splayed leaves provide a deep green color and architectural lines. In addition, they lend a softer profile to your room.


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