Portable Power Station BIUBLE 296W 300W

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Portable Power Station BIUBLE 296W 300W

Portable Power Station BIUBLE 296Wh 300W

The Portable Power Station BIUBLE 296WH is a compact and large capacity all-in-one charger. Its Excellent Battery Management System protects your devices from improper operation and supports two-way quick charging. Two USB-C ports offer PD100 and QC18 fast charging capabilities. The dual USB ports provide quick charging capability for your compatible devices. The dual USB port ensures convenient charging for your tablet and smartphone.

ESSOMI Portable Power Station

The ISSOMI Portable Power Station BIUBLE has two distinct sides with different ports for charging your mobile devices. The top part of the unit has a rectangular LED light bar which you can adjust between three brightness levels. Pressing the light bar will turn it on and tapping it will cycle through the three brightness levels. The second part of the unit has a switch for activating the AC power outlet. When not in use, the AC power outlet should be left turned off. The third button will turn the entire power station on and off.

Westinghouse iGen300s

This portable power station is a great addition to your camping gear. It provides 296-watt hours of power and 300 continuous watts. It can also deliver 600 peak watts. It features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and solar panel charging. It is safe for both indoor and outdoor use and has built-in safety features to keep you and your gear safe.

Gizzu 300W Portable Power Station

The Gizzu 300W Portable Power Station delivers a powerful 296Wh of power and is ideal for camping trips, power outages, and emergencies. The lightweight lithium-ion battery offers enough juice to power small appliances and run most laptops and other electronic devices. It also features a built-in LED flashlight and three charging methods. The unit can be used to recharge a laptop, smartphone, or tablet in approximately two hours.


The ISSOMI SG300 Portable Powerstation BiUBLE 296Wh 300W is a high-capacity power station that can power up to three devices at a time. Its 296Wh capacity is enough to charge an iPhone 13 up to 22 times or a MacBook Pro 16" up to eight times. It can even power up a low-wattage CPAP machine for up to 10 hours.


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