Portable Power Station Explorer 300 293Wh Backup Lithium Battery 110V/300

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Portable Power Station Explorer 300 293Wh Backup Lithium Battery 110V/300

Portable Power Station Explorer 300 293Wh Backup Lithium Battery 110V300

The Jackery explorer series of portable power stations have been around since 2015. Their pass-through feature lets you charge your backup battery while it's discharging, similar to an uninterruptible power supply. But the main limitation of the Explorer 300 is its output power limit of 300W, which is still more than enough for most people's needs. If you want more power, you can always get a more powerful version.

SolarSaga 100W Explorer 300

If you're looking for a portable backup power station that can charge your mobile devices, the SolarSaga 100W Explorer 300 Backup Lithium Battery 110V/300 is the perfect option. This lightweight solar charger pairs with a 100W Jackery solar panel for 240W of backup power, keeping your phone, lights, and home security system powered during a power outage. It's also splash proof and built with an ETFE-laminated casing for durability.

This lightweight and portable backup battery is IP65 water-resistant and splash-proof. It features a convenient power cord holder that can protect the battery while charging and covers the power port. It can be charged with a 100W solar panel in as little as 5.5 hours. The Explorer 300's built-in power meter registers 0 watts drain on DC output and three watts drain on AC output.

Jackery Explorer 300

The Portable Power Station Explorer 300 293Wh backup lithium battery is a good choice for outdoor activities. Its compact size and impressive battery capacity make it a good choice for short trips, and the device has a wide range of output sockets, including a USB port. The user interface is straightforward and there are plenty of output sockets. The only downside is that it does not come with a built-in flashlight.

The 3.2kg generator features a handle and is compatible with two-way AC outlets. The battery itself is built using lithium-ion NMC technology and offers 500 charging cycles. This unit ships with an instruction manual and 90W wall charger, and a cable to charge a car. You can also charge the battery through a dedicated socket, the supplied AC adapter, or a USB Type-C socket on a computer. The battery charge time is reduced to about two hours when using the supplied charger.


The GoLabs R300 is a portable power station with a high-performance, long-lasting LiFePO4 battery. It has two 110V/300W AC sockets and four USB charging ports, including two that support Quick Charge 3.0. Its compact size makes it easy to carry, but it's not as small as the Jackery and EcoFlow.

This portable power station is designed to provide energy for small appliances and other devices. Its peak capacity is 1,000W. This is sufficient for most home appliances and is great for traveling. LiFePO4 batteries have a much longer life than Lithium-ion batteries, which is good news for consumers. This lightweight battery is also safer than Lithium-ion batteries.

Ecoflow RIVER

The Ecoflow River Portable Power Station Explorer 300 is a great option for the emergency preparedness market. It comes with three AC and USB outlets and has a capacity of 293Wh. Its advanced technology allows it to provide power to most heavy-duty tools and appliances. It also powers most essential home devices within 1200W. The charger also features a 24-month warranty and comes with three charging cable types.

The River has a modular design that allows it to double its capacity and be even larger - up to 576Wh - by buying an additional battery. At just 11 lbs, it is slightly larger than a toaster, making it an ideal travel companion. Moreover, the River is extremely lightweight, weighing only eleven pounds. Its compact handle makes it easy to carry anywhere.


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