Power Tools Mobile Base Hardware - Build a Base of Any Size

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Power Tools Mobile Base Hardware - Build a Base of Any Size

Power Tools Mobile Base Hardware  Build a Base of any Size

In this article, we'll discuss the different types of mobile bases for power tools, including the Bora PM-3550 Versatile Mobile Workbench, the Portamate PM-1100 Universal Mobile Workbench, and the Bora PM-2500 Heavy-Duty Adjustable Mobile Stand. These mobile bases are designed to extend your tools' height by 7/8 of an inch. WEN products come with a two-year warranty and feature an extensive nationwide network of service technicians and a helpful customer help line.

Portamate PM-1100 Universal Mobile Base

Adding mobility to any piece of equipment is now easier than ever with the Bora Portamate PM-1100 Universal Mobile Base Kit. No longer is it necessary to move stationary equipment to make room for large projects, as this base kit will keep them out of the way. The corner wheel pieces come with predrilled holes to fit a variety of machines. For added security, the mobile base is easily adjustable from five to nine inches in width, making it suitable for a range of machines.

Bora PM-3550 Versatile Mobile Base

Bora Portamate announces the PM-3550 Universal Mobile Base. This rugged, heavy-duty rolling platform supports up to 1,500 pounds, has four swivel wheels, and can easily pull equipment straight out of the wall. It features a foot-control locking lever for maximum ease of operation. With its four-inch casters, this versatile mobile base is an easy space-saving solution for larger power tools and equipment.

Bora PM-3750 All-Swivel Mobile Base with Table Saw Extension

The Bora PM-3750 All-Swivelyl Mobile Base with Table Saw Extension includes two key tools: the PM-3500 Power Tool Mobile Base and the PM-3245 Table Saw Extension. Both are industrial strength rolling platforms that have hundreds of pounds more capacity than competitors' models. Using the PM-3750, you can move your table saw system anywhere you want to work.

Bora PM-2500 Heavy-Duty Adjustable Mobile Base

The Bora PM-2500 Heavy-Dutty Adjustable Mobile Base is a universal shop workhorse that can accommodate stationary power tools, cabinets and toolboxes. Its heavy-duty design allows it to glide to the right location and features foot-operated levers. Its low profile and steel levers provide strength. The base's height at rest is only one inch.

Bora PM-3800 High Clearance Mobile Base

The Bora PM-3800 High Clearance Power Tool Mobile Base is designed for rolling larger power tools and machines across your work area. The wheels and the higher platform make it easy to maneuver over cracks and obstacles. Whether you're a homeowner or a professional in the home improvement industry, this base will help you keep your work area organized and safe. It's perfect for moving woodworking equipment and power tools from one place to another.


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