POWRUI USB Wall Charger Review

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USB Wall Charger Surge Protector POWRUI 6Outlet Extender with 2 USB

There are many benefits to the POWRUI USB Wall Charger. It has a powerful expansion system, a convenient physical design, and a convenient LED light. It supports both AC plugs and USB devices. Its attractive LED light is also a plus. Overall, this device is an excellent choice. Its overall performance is excellent, but if you're looking for an outlet extender or power strip, I would recommend the POWRUI USB Wall Charger.

Multi-function USB Wall Charger

The POWRUI USB Wall Charger is a powerful expansion system with a pleasing physical design. Its white, trapezoidal shape extends two inches away from the wall. It supports both AC and USB plugs. Its attractive LED lights give it a stylish and attractive appearance. The surge protection rating is high, and it withstands excess power of 1,680 joules.

This outlet has 6 AC outlets with a built-in surge protector that protects your electronics from overheating and damage. The outlet space between each outlet is 2.1 inches, a size that makes it easier to use most devices. However, the plug spacing between each outlet is not large enough for large power-rated devices. To avoid tripping, use a duplex outlet if you are using devices with a high power rating.

Power strip or outlet extender

To protect electronic devices from power fluctuations and storms, you should purchase a power strip with surge protection. These devices absorb excess voltage and prevent electronic devices from short-circuiting. You can find UL-certified power strips on the market, as well as ETL-certified models. You can also look for a product's joule rating, which measures how much voltage a surge suppressor can absorb. For maximum protection, look for power strips with UL certification and ETL mark by Intertek.

A power strip or outlet extender for USB wall chargers can be used as a backup device when a power cut occurs. These devices protect electrical equipment by providing multiple outlets in a single device. Choosing one that provides six outlets is ideal for protecting electronics in a single area. Some units even include a USB port. To maximize your protection, you should buy a surge protector with multiple outlets.

Surge protection

The POWRUI USB Wall Charger provides robust surge protection with 1,680 joules of excess power. It also withstands lightning strikes and comes with a $1,000,000 insurance policy. Although the surge protector is not water-resistant, it is suitable for indoor use. To use it, simply plug in the extension cord. A few downsides: The surge protection is limited to two USB ports, and its power delivery is limited to only one USB port.

The POWRUI 6-Outlet Extension with 2 USB is also equipped with dual 2.4A USB ports, enabling you to quickly charge your mobile devices. The surge protector features a response time of less than 1Ns, with a minimum energy-absorbing capacity of 1680 joules. Various types of surge protectors are available on the market, including the GDT, MOV, and TVS. The best surge protectors will combine all three types of surge protection into a single circuit.


A USB wall charger surge protector offers powerful surge protection. It can handle up to 1,680 joules of excess power, and even survive a lightning strike. Unlike other surge protectors, POWRUI is backed by a $1 million insurance policy. While it can be used outside, this unit is designed for indoor use. It cannot be submerged, so be sure to use it indoors.

The Powrui surge protector has dual smart charging ports that share a 5V 2.4A rating. The dual USB ports automatically detect charging devices and deliver optimal charging speeds. The phone holder allows you to charge cell phones or other electronics without taking up an outlet. The surge protector provides six standard outlets and a 1680J surge protection component. The "Protected" LED light turns on to indicate that the device is safe.


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