Protools-2018 80 MM Round Vice For 3''&4 Rotary Table Milling Indexing Table

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Protools-2018 80 MM Round Vice For 3''&4 Rotary Table Milling Indexing Table

The protools-2018 80 MM Round Vice For 3''&4 Rotary Table Milling IndexingTable is designed with four milling slots and a tailstock. Its drills are counter bored for perfect movement. The engage and disengage function is handy for manual indexing. This product is a must-have for any shop. It's available in several colors and materials to fit any workshop.

100 mm diameter

The Precision Small Rotary Table features a 360-degree graduated rotary table and a 36:1 worm gear ratio. One handle rotation turns the table 10 degrees. It is adjustable in height and can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. This tool comes with a cast iron round vice with V grooves in the jaws and can be mounted in either vertical or horizontal position.

Designed to fit a 3'' or 4" rotary table

A rotary indexing table uses rotation to expose a new cutting edge for the workpiece. The rotary indexing table helps manufacturers manufacture large batches of interchangeable parts. It has many functions, and choosing the right one for your needs will maximize your machine's efficiency while decreasing costs. There are several factors to consider when purchasing an indexing table, including durability, price, features, and functions. With careful research, you can find the ideal one for your manufacturing needs.

Drills are counter bored to ensure perfect movement

The top of the knee acts as a guide for the saddle and moves vertically and laterally on a worm table that is set at 90 degrees to the column face. There are indexing plates to guide the workpiece and an adjustable dial or vernier scale to control the table's position. The table is finished at the end of the working cycle and features T-slots for clamping work.

Engage & Disengage Function for manual indexing

The Engage / Disengage Function for Manual Indexing of 3'' & 4'' Rotary Table Milling Indexing Table is a unique feature that allows the user to manually change indexing stations while the milling process is ongoing. The engagement / disengagement action occurs when the table is raised and moved out of engagement with the stationary pins carried by the support member 65.


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