RackGold 10-32 Cage Nuts 100 Pack

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RackGold 10-32 Cage Nuts 100 Pack

RackGold Black 1032 Cage Nuts 100 Pack

When it comes to cage nuts, they have several benefits. Made from high-quality carbon steel, these nuts are resistant to corrosion even in the harshest environment. They also offer superior oxidation and rust resistance, ensuring their long-lasting life. And thanks to their wear-resistant feature, they are a good choice for applications that demand a high level of durability. Read on to learn more about these cage nuts.

Rackstuds Series II

The Rackstuds Series II are a better choice for mounting a variety of equipment, including servers, routers, and more. Their improved leverage strength and fit for thicker rails make them more durable than previous series. In addition to providing a flat reference surface for mounting and removing devices, Rackstuds are also 30% stronger than cage nuts. They're ideal for heavy equipment and provide greater stability than cage nuts.

Carbon steel cage nut

The Carbon steel 10-32 cage nut is designed to fit panel rails with 0.375in (9.54mm) square holes and offers superior corrosion and oxidation resistance. This high-quality steel can last for a long time, while its wear-resistant feature ensures a long life of the screws. RackGold Carbon steel 10-32 cage nut is an affordable, durable option for panel rail installation.

Universal compatibility

RackGold Black 10-32 Cage Nut - 100 Pack have universal compatibility, and the dog/pilot point prevents accidental stripping. They are compatible with both tapped and cage-nut style rail systems. These screws are hardened steel, and feature an excellent dimensional stability and finish. They can be used on any type of rack, including those that use universal cage nuts.


The RackGold Black 10-32 Cage Nut is a versatile and convenient nut for server, AV, and network installation. These cage nuts are TAA compliant and are approved for GSA schedule use. For new server rack setups, the 100-pack contains enough nuts to handle the entire installation. They are made of high-quality carbon steel and are plated with nikel or nickel to ensure a long screw life.


For a secure rack installation, use 10-32 Slide-on Cage Nuts. These are tough and easy to install. They slide onto square-hole rack rails. Unlike snap-on cage nuts, they lock into pre-punched holes. They're most commonly used for servers, rack shelves, and switches. They come in 100-packs. If you find that your cage nuts are stripped, you can easily replace them in the field.


If you're looking for a rack mount nut, you'll find this product at a price you can't beat. Available in sizes ranging from 10-32 to 12-24, this cage nut is a great choice for a wide variety of installation needs. Its captive nuts and zinc plating make it a popular choice for mounting network and audio/video equipment. Plus, they're TAA-compliant, which means they're eligible for GSA Schedule purchases by the government. If you're setting up a server rack, bulk packs are perfect for getting enough cage nuts and screws to install your entire system.


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