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Rainbow Glasses

Rainbow Glass hand blown glasses cane stringer glass cups colorful

If you are looking for a unique gift for a friend or family member, why not consider giving them a set of rainbow glasses? These colorful and hand-blown glass cups make a great gift and are perfect for drinking tea, coffee, and wine. You can also choose a set of rainbow glasses for yourself! You will love how cheerful and colorful your drinks will look! So, what are you waiting for? Order your set today!

Decorative glassware

Using every color of the rainbow to make their drinks, Rainbow Glasses are hand-blown and cane stringer glass cups that are both beautiful and functional. The glass is made by rolling colored canes of glass and clipping them to form rainbow stripes that end at the bottom of the glass, creating a colorful vortex that swirls in the drink. This glass is handmade, meaning each piece is unique in its color arrangement. The glass is hand-blown and guaranteed to taste the best.

Art glass composition

If you're searching for a gift that's sure to be a hit with the recipient, rainbow glass might be a perfect choice. These hand-blown glass cups feature the colors of the rainbow woven throughout them. They make a fun gift idea, and can be used to drink tea, coffee, or wine. To make these colorful glasses, just cut a piece of cane stringer glass and roll it up in a rainbow of colors.

Colors of blown glass

Colors of hand blown glass cane stringster cups are varied, yet recognizable. The center core of the cane can be molded into a heart shape. Pulling on the center core of the cane causes the colors to separate, resulting in a rich, opulent finish. Other styles include pattern cane that consists of short, intricate pieces, figured like flowers. Murrini - a picture made of thinly sliced glass - are also popular.

Dichroic glass

If you have a love for colors and beautiful designs, a gift of a rainbow glass may be just the thing for you. These hand blown glasses are made of cane stringer glass and feature every color of the rainbow. They make a beautiful gift idea and make for beautiful tea, coffee, or wine glasses. And because they are hand-blown, you know that they will taste the best.

Round dot glass

Aside from round dot glasses, there are also vases and candle holders made of milk glass. These are often transluscent and come in many different shapes. Some of these glasses are even made into serving bowls and plates. Newer milk glass, however, is bright white and almost opaque. These types are not as valuable as their older counterparts, as they do not have the rainbow prism effect when held to the light.

Uranium glass

If you are looking for unique and stylish glassware, then you should consider a piece of uranium glass hand blown glass. This material was used as a colourant during the first half of the last century, but restrictions were put in place during World War II. The use of uranium in glass making was halted, but later, restrictions were eased. Currently, this material is produced in the US and Japan.


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