Rapicca Leather Welding Gloves

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Rapicca Leather Welding Gloves

Rapicca gloves have been made using cowhide leather for ultimate durability, comfort, and safety. With features like CE EN420, EN388 and EN407 certification, these gloves are designed for maximum productivity and safety. Made with abrasion resistance, dexterity, and comfort, these gloves protect you against skin burns, cuts, and punctures.

Rapicca Leather Gloves

A pair of high-quality welding gloves is an essential part of your safety gear. They protect your hands from slag, sparks and heat, and are made of quality leather and have a flannel lining. These gloves are designed to prevent hand burns and numbness, and are extremely comfortable. When working in hazardous environments, gloves are essential. Here are some of the benefits of Rapicca Leather welding gloves.

Made from cowhide leather

A good pair of gloves for stick/mig welding should be made from high-quality leather that is both thermally insulated and fire-retardant. They should also be approved by ASTM standards, which can vary slightly by country. In this article, we'll highlight two of the best leather gloves for welding. Pro cowhide leather gloves are excellent choices for stick/mig welding. They are designed with better protection and puncture resistance, as well as a longer length above the wrist.

Heat resistant

High-quality welding gloves protect the hands from the hot slag and sparks produced by a welding job. They are made of durable leather and feature a soft flannel lining to keep hands comfortable while wearing the gloves. These gloves are an absolute necessity for safe welding. Here are a few reasons why they're so important. Welding gloves are important for protection, comfort, and efficiency.

Puncture resistant

To protect your hands while working around hot metal, consider using a pair of puncture resistant forge/mig/stick welding gloves. These gloves are a great option if you plan to use heat often. Unlike leather gloves, however, these gloves will protect your hands without compromising your comfort level. Rappica makes a pair of gloves that protect your forearms from open flames and hot coals.

Cut resistant

The most popular cut resistant forge/mig/stick welding gloves feature a leather exterior and an Elkskin liner. Elkskin is a natural product with higher heat resistance and stiffening properties than cowhide. The top-grain elk is considered the highest-quality leather. While these gloves are very expensive, they still provide a good level of heat shielding and excellent dexterity. A four-inch cuff on the top hand prevents burning and tearing.

Oil resistant

Multi-function Oil resistant forge/mig/stick welding glove features thickened palm that cushions the hands while working with sharp and heavy objects. You can use this leather welding glove for many other jobs such as gardening, cooking, and animal handling. Its reinforced double-leather stitching provides a strong and durable construction, which prevents it from slipping off the hands. If you are looking for an ideal pair of leather welding gloves, consider the following:


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