Razor Blade Scraper 2 PCS Razor Scraper Tool

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Razor Blade Scraper 2 PCS Razor Scraper Tool

Razor Blade Scraper 2 PCS Razor Scraper Tool

The Razor Blade Scraper is a multipurpose tool that is designed for stripping glue, caulk, and paint. Its 25 degree offset head and shorter handle make it ideal for a variety of projects. The rubber-coated handle offers a secure grip and allows you to apply additional pressure without slipping. The blade is held in place by a blade retention mechanism so you can scrape the desired materials with ease.

Heleman Versatile Plastic Scraper

This HELEMAN Versatile Plastic Razor Blade Scraper is a great multipurpose tool for removing stickers and decals. Made of high-quality, hot injection molded plastic, it is durable and strong, and is also resistant to a variety of chemicals. The tool kit comes with a replacement plastic razor blade, and 100 scrapers. The scraper is small enough to fit in a pocket or toolkit.

This multifunctional tool has five 3.5-inch plastic blades that can be changed out as needed. It has a long 3.5-inch handle and is easy to mark with a permanent marker. This tool is an excellent choice for cleaning windows and other surfaces without scratching. The HELEMAN Versatile Plastic Razor Blade Scraper can also be used as an ice scraper and decal adhesive remover.

Bates Razor Blade Scraper

The Bates Razor Blade Scraper Tool has a dual-purpose design, featuring a mini utility scraper with an extendable handle and a double-safety plastic safety cap. With 6 replacement blades and an extendable handle, this tool is versatile enough for your everyday use. These scrapers are designed to remove various materials, including paint, gasket, decals, and vinyl. They can also remove car glue.

The Bates Razor Blade Scraper offers an ergonomic handle and a wide flat blade to clean a larger area than other mini scrapers. Made of high carbon steel, the blades are sharp and durable. The scraper comes with a locking mechanism and can be stored with the blades pushed inwards for easy disposal. The scraper is also dishwasher safe and backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Rexbeti Multi-purpose Mini Razor Scraper

The Rexbeti Multi-purpose Mini-Rascher Scraper is a great home cleaning tool. This tool comes with a 120-piece blade set and has a large amount of extra blades, including an additional 20-piece scraper. Buyers who buy this scraper are generally satisfied with the product. It is made by REXBETI and has received positive reviews from customers.

This versatile tool is made of sturdy, hot-molded plastic and has excellent anti-rust features. The razor scraper is perfect for scraping sticker decals off different surfaces, and it resists a wide range of chemicals. Its small size makes it convenient to carry around in a pocket or car and it is also durable enough for a variety of outdoor cleaning jobs. It is small enough to fit in a toolbox or pocket and is incredibly useful for scraping off glue and adhesive.

Titan Tools 17002 Multipurpose Mini Razor Scraper

The Titan Tools 17002 Multipurpose Mini Razer Scraper is an essential tool for scraping decals and labels off glass surfaces. The comfortable TPR handle and.020 inch extra heavy-duty razor blade are designed for ease of use and long-lasting durability. The scraper is compatible with Titan replacement blades to ensure you never have to replace the scraper again. Whether you're scraping glass or vinyl, this razor scraper is the perfect solution.

The 17002 Titan Razor Scraper comes with a 20-piece set of extra-heavy duty.020-inch blade and comfortable TPR handle. The scraper is compatible with Titan replacement blades. For more scraping options, you can always replace the blades with new ones. The blades also come in a variety of colors and styles. The Multi-Purpose Razor Scraper is available in four different sizes.


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