Regency Wraps Natural 100% Cotton Cooking Butcher's Twine 500ft 2-Pack

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Regency Wraps Natural 100% Cotton Cooking Butcher's Twine 500ft 2-Pack

Regency Wraps Natural 100 Cotton Cooking Butchers Twine 500ft 2Pack

If you are fond of unique cookery, you'll love Regency Wraps' unique twine! This set comes in 12 100-foot cones, and it makes the perfect companion to your regency wraps. The ivory color matches your kitchen's decor just as perfectly as it compliments regency wraps. But before you get excited about buying regency twine, consider a few tips to ensure that it is authentic.

Regency Wraps is not a genuine Regency Wraps product

While it is possible to buy a fake Regency Wraps product, you should never fall for the marketing tactics. The Regency brand name is recognized by top chefs and is used for many things, including butchering and forming roasts. Other uses for Regency Twine include cooking, trussing poultry and rotisserie, and even decorating your table.

When used correctly, Regency Wraps Natural 100% Cotton Cooking butcher's twine is a versatile tool. It is safe to use in the oven and for deep frying. It can also be used for other household items, including book binding and decorating. The twine is durable and long enough to cover a rotisserie pan, roasting pan, and baking sheet. It is thick enough for tying meats and vegetables, and its color and thickness make it ideal for trussing.


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