Reptology Floating Turtle Pier Rectangular Terrapin Dock Review

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Reptology Floating Turtle Pier Rectangular Terrapin Dock Review

The Reptology Floating Turtle Pier floats above the waterline. With its suction cups and 4 pylon supports, the basking platform gives your pets the option to rest outside of the water. This gives you more time to interact with your pets. In addition, it can also help you reduce stress. In this review, we'll look at the features of this reptile-friendly dock.

Turtle climber promotes climb and get shine upon the sun

It's not surprising that snapping turtles are excellent climbers. Leigh Ann Colvin, a biologist, was startled when she saw one of these reptiles clinging to her fence. When she approached the creature, it had already scaled a five-foot fence. As she moved from right to left, she watched it flex its muscles and grab on to the chicken wire.

Turtle climber promotes stress reduction

There are many reasons why you should consider adopting a turtle. Most of them are skittish and do not like to be kept in a small cage, but there are some species that do well on climbing walls. Adding a turtle climber to your pet's enclosure will promote stress reduction and relaxation. Moreover, it will give your turtle plenty of space and mental stimulation. Read on to learn more about the benefits of a turtle climber.

While plastic is cheap and easy to work with, it is also not a good material for turtles. While it offers transparency, plastic can cause stress to the turtles. It also can't withstand extreme temperature changes and may need reinforcements in hot and cold climates. Lastly, it may not be suitable for tropical climates. Therefore, it's important to consider other materials when choosing a turtle climber.

Reptology Floating Turtle Pier is a basking platform

The Reptology Floating Turtle Pier Rectangle Terrapin Dock is a great option for larger tanks and provides the perfect hiding place for your pets. Featuring a built-in gravel bin, this basking platform will counterbalance the weight of your pet when it enters and exits the ramp. Additionally, the Reptology Floating Turtle Pier is very decorative and will satisfy your pet's natural instinct to hide. Suitable for medium to large sized turtles, it will provide your pet with a safe, sheltered place to bask.

This basking platform is made of non-toxic PP plastic and will float safely on water. It comes with double suction cups, which prevent it from slipping and keeping it in place. The artificial green turf provides friction for your turtles, so they won't be able to slip or fall off. In addition, the basking platform is designed to be large enough to house many turtles at once.


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