Seal a Carton With Rubber High Tensile Kraft Flatback Carton Sealing Tape With Paper Backing

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Seal a Carton With Rubber High Tensile Kraft Flatback Carton Sealing Tape With Paper Backing

Rubber High Tensile Kraft Flatback Carton Sealing Tape with Paper Backing

If you need to seal a carton, you should consider the Pro 183 HD or EcoEnclose Kraft flatback carton sealing tape, which have both good tensile strength and a light brown color. Both of these tapes are designed for light-medium carton sealing and packaging applications. Other uses for Pro 183 include packaging, picture framing, splicing, and tabbing.

Pro Tapes Pro 184 HD

The specialized surface of the Pro Tapes Pro 184HD High Tensile Kraft Carton Sealing Tape with Paper Backing is ideally suited for applications that require high tension and temperature demands. As a result, it allows for controlled use, ensuring the safety of the products. In addition, this tape's adhesive works best when it's at room temperature.

Water-activated tape cannot come unstuck once it's activated, making it ideal for containers that hold heavy items. However, it can be frustrating to continually wet and dry the tape. Strapping tape uses the same strong adhesive as carton sealing tape, but its liner is more rigid to provide more support and durability. The tape's adhesive is ideal for containers that are too heavy for normal cartons.

EcoEnclose Kraft Flatback Carton Sealing Tape

You don't need to worry about the environment when you use EcoEnclose's sellotape. The company uses plant-based, biodegradable adhesive on their cellophane-backed tape. This tape is recommended for high-volume applications and replaces three strips of plastic tape. It is easy to tear and doesn't require a tape dispenser. In addition, it is recyclable.

The tape is made of FSC-certified paper and a 100% biodegradable rubber adhesive. It's suitable for sealing lower-volume cartons and is not compatible with dispensers. It's also rated for packages up to 10 pounds, making it a great choice for packaging presentation-style boxes. Its low-tack adhesive is also ideal for use in packaging a smaller volume of products.

Intertape(tm) brand flatback tape

Developed for packaging, splicing, and tabbing, Intertape(tm) brand Rubber High Tensile Kraft Flatback Carton Sealing Tape is pressure-sensitive paper tape with a kraft paper backing. The adhesive provides a positive seal in a variety of conditions and temperature ranges. It is hand-tearable and designed for case sealing machines.

The company's research and development team will focus on developing new products. Its products are protected by patents and are not publicly available. Its products undergo extensive regulation to ensure consumer safety. The company also maintains strict environmental and employee relations policies. With continuous innovation, the company has become a global leader in the carton sealing tape industry.


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