Sharkbite U514LFA End Cap Plumbing 1/2 in PEX Fittings Push-To-Connect Copper

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Sharkbite U514LFA End Cap Plumbing 1/2 in PEX Fittings Push-To-Connect Copper

U514LFA End Cap Plumbing 12 in PEX Fittings PushtoConnect Copper

If you are thinking about installing a new PEX system in your home, there are several different parts that you'll need. PEX pipe is one of the most common types of flexible plumbing pipe. Other types of pipe include CPVC, SDR-9 HDPE, and copper. These parts are also known for their push-to-connect designs, making them the ideal choice for repipe projects, remodel installations, and new construction.


Sharkbite U514LFA End-Cap Plumbing 1/2 in PEX Fittings Push Connect Copper is a great choice for your new construction plumbing project. PEX plumbing pipe is a great choice for new construction and remodel applications due to its push-to-connect design and twist-to-lock feature. This type of plumbing pipe is ideal for new construction, remodel, repair and maintenance projects.

With a push-to-connect connection system, you can install or remove a fitting in a few simple steps. Simply use the disconnection tool or the deburr and gauge tool to measure the depth and position the fitting to the pipe. Once it is inserted, you can turn on the water to check that it works correctly. The SharkBite Connection System is made in the USA and meets lead-free requirements in Vermont and California.

Watts AquaLock

The Watts AquaLock U514L FA 1/2 in PEX Fittings Push-Connect Copper is a push-connect type copper fitting that is FDA approved for use with drinking water systems. This fitting's unique design incorporates a Stainless Steel Gripper Ring that prevents corrosion. It also features a depth gauge mark to help ensure correct depth.

If you purchase this fitting, you are protected by a limited warranty. Watts will not be responsible for any incidental, special, or consequential damages. Watts will not be liable for any lost profits, costs of replacing property, labor, vandalism, damage from foreign materials, or adverse water and chemical environments. It is your responsibility to follow all installation instructions carefully, as improper installation may void the warranty.

Watts AquaLock(tm)

Watts AquaLock(tm) 1/2" in PEX Fittings Push-Connect copper features a stainless steel gripper ring that interlocks multiple materials with ease. These fittings are easy to install and reduce the possibility of installation errors. They also feature corrosion-resistant teeth and a depth gauge mark. They are ideal for a variety of applications including plumbing, irrigation, and water safety.

If you're not completely satisfied with the installation of this product, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund. The warranty covers the tubing, valves, fittings, manifolds, and fittings. It does not cover the connections, which are the sole responsibility of the person or contractor who installed the product. As a result, Watts will not be responsible for any damage resulting from improper installation.


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