Shepherd 4 Heavy Duty Gate Caster Wheels - Spring Loaded Gate Casters

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Shepherd 4 Heavy Duty Gate Caster Wheels - Spring Loaded Gate Casters

The load capacity of your gate casters is not the determining factor of how well they perform. Capacity ratings are based on a manual operation under ideal conditions, and are not related to the springs in the casters. As a result, your actual load capacity will vary from the capacity rating. Read on to discover how spring loaded gate casters can work for you.

Spring Stacked Layout

Spring stacked gate casters are a great option for heavy-duty applications. These casters are made of double steel rods with thick mike radical black coatings. The springs are designed to keep the caster wheel touching the ground when the gate isn't level. To ensure proper operation, the floor level should be 1 inch or more from the lowest point to the highest.

Features of the Shepherd 4

These Shepherd 4 Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Gate Casters are durable, easy to install, and safe to use. Their spring layout allows them to roll smoothly over a variety of surfaces, including steel, brick, dirt, and pebbles. This spring layout is also highly resistant to corrosion and friction. This type of caster is a great option for commercial and residential applications. Read on for more information!

Capacity ratings

There are several factors to consider when choosing a spring loaded gate caster. The caster's capacity does not necessarily correlate with the load it can carry. These ratings are based on manual operation under ideal conditions and do not take into account the amount of deflection a load is likely to experience. It is important to check the capacity rating for each model to ensure that the gate caster is suitable for the task at hand.


There are two types of spring loaded gate casters: Medium Duty and Light Duty. Medium Duty spring-loaded casters have a capacity of 125 pounds each and Light Duty casters are designed for less heavy-duty use. The spring on the Medium Duty model is 1 inch deflection. Spring-loaded casters are more durable than their conventional counterparts. The Light Duty caster is lightweight, chemical-resistant, and durable enough to move heavy gates on soft surfaces like asphalt.


When choosing a spring loaded gate caster, look for a model that offers a large load capacity. Spring loaded casters typically have brake pads on each side of the wheel, which is much more convenient than regular wheels. They are also designed to open and close heavy gates, and are highly resistant to corrosion and friction. However, don't be fooled into thinking that the load capacity is the only factor determining the strength of a gate caster.


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