Sloth Air Plant Holder - Mothers Will Love This Adorable Air Planter!

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Sloth Air Plant Holder - Mothers Will Love This Adorable Air Planter!

Sloth Air Plant Holder Mothers Day Small Sloth Planter Gift for Mom

Giving a sloth air plant holder is a fun way to show your mother how much you care for her green thumb. These adorable air plant holders come with a care card that includes sage advice on how to care for the little sloth. You can also get her a terrarium or jellyfish and narwhals. Mothers will absolutely love this little gift!

Sloth Air Plant Holders

The sloth air plant holder adds a natural touch to any office, home, or child's room. Handmade from polymer clay, the sloth air planter is 1.5 inches tall and will look adorable on a desk or table. A small sloth planter is perfect for growing indoor plants and can even serve as a stationery holder. Moms know that you care about them, so why not give her a gift she can enjoy?

Tiny Terrarium

Mother's Day is fast approaching and if you're in need of a gift that will make a mother's heart happy, consider giving this cute Sloth Air Plant Holder. This cute little terrarium comes with all the materials needed to make it on your own. You can also purchase a Living Ecosystem Kit, which contains all the materials needed to make the terrarium, including three Tillandsia ionantha and two air plants. It also comes with a gift tag and string for easy gifting.


If she is a lover of all things nautical, she'll surely love this adorable hugging sloth air planter. Made of polymer clay, this air planter comes with a two or three-inch air plant. She will love its full-size design with patented blower and overhead LED unit. Mom is sure to enjoy this special gift this Mother's Day!


If you can't decide between a stuffed animal or a small sloth planter, consider buying her a stuffed sloth. This cute animal stands at approximately 27.6 inches and is made of plush fabrics. It has realistic eyes, hands, and feet. It can even be used as a pillow! Made with eco-friendly materials, this toy is durable and easy to clean. It also has Velcro-secured arms and hands, and is soft and cuddly.


There are several reasons to give a sloth planter for Mother's Day. Despite their nasty claws and the fact that they spend 90% of their lives hanging upside down, these sloth planters are still incredibly cute. The Hedgehogs air planter is part of a set of six sloth planters, which is an adorable Mother's Day gift idea.


Give your mom a sloth-themed gift this Mothers Day! Sloths are one of the cutest animals on the planet, so why not give her something that is just as adorable? These air plant holders are small enough to fit into any space and feature a charming print of baby and adult sloths. These gift ideas will make your mom smile, no matter what the occasion!


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