Smart Control Night Light Lamp

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Smart Control Night Light Lamp

Smart Control Night Light Lamp Wireless Speaker Portable Led Light Speaker

Bluetooth technology has become an important feature for all home audio systems, but it is even more critical with the new Smart Control Night Lighting System. With a Bluetooth connection, you can listen to music while enjoying the ambient light in your room, or control the LED color and brightness from your cell phone. Bluetooth speakers are also compatible with most cell phones and tabletop devices, making them the perfect bedside night light.


This multifunctional wake up lighting speaker can be used as a table lamp alarm clock, sleep night light, and Bluetooth speaker. It supports Tf card and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It also comes with three brightness levels and 5 color changing lights. It features Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with most cell phones and tables. The table lamp is perfect for your bedside table. It has Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with smartphones and tablets.

This Bluetooth speaker features high-quality audio, an alarm clock, and touch color change. The sound is resonant and immersive, with its built-in microphone and noise reduction software. You can listen to your music at any time, and sleep better at night. The KPR Bluetooth speaker also works as a wireless speaker and SD card music player. It also has touch controls for easy operation. It also has built-in charging capabilities and a three-month warranty.

Dimmable color LED table lamp

This multifunctional wake-up lighting speaker can be used for sleep at night, as a table lamp alarm clock, or for a romantic dinner. The speaker can be charged via USB and is perfect for use indoors or outdoors. You can play music from a connected device, or play music from your phone. A built-in microphone and speaker let you hear the sounds around you. The lamp is also adjustable, making it ideal for bedside use.

This Bluetooth speaker features high-quality audio and a professional adjustment of lighting. You can listen to music while the light changes color to help you relax. The KPR Bluetooth speaker connects wirelessly with a smart alarm clock and 3.5mm audio cable, and features a 7-color-changing light mode. The speaker is also compatible with other devices with Bluetooth and micro SD cards. You can connect it to your smartphone or tablet to listen to music while it's on standby.


Designed with a simple design and a Bluetooth connection, the Smart Control Night Lighting Lamp is a perfect bedside companion. With 3 brightness levels and a Bluetooth connection, this device can recharge a smartphone, tablet, or music player wirelessly. The LED lights flash to the beat of the music. And because this device is wireless, it can be used in different environments, including home, travel, and outdoors. It has a unique and creative look that makes it a great gift for any occasion.

Charging a mood light speaker

If you want to use your Mood Light Speaker when it is not connected to Bluetooth devices, you can easily charge it. The speaker comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. You can charge it wherever you go by connecting it to a USB port. If you want to change its colour, you can also turn the Mood Light Speaker's switch to multicolour mode. After charging it, you can use it whenever you want.

To charge your Mood Light Speaker, you can connect it to a computer using its USB port. Or, you can use an AC adaptor and plug the speaker into the wall. When charging the speaker, the LED indicator will blink red and will go off when fully charged. Once done, you must unplug the USB cable. When the speaker's battery runs low, you should recharge it immediately to avoid the annoying low-battery warning. After you finish charging the speaker, you can use Bluetooth to pair it with your phone.


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