Stainless Magnetic Tray With Strong Magnets For Tools & Hardware

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Stainless Magnetic Tray With Strong Magnets For Tools & Hardware

Stainless Magnetic Tray wStrong Magnets for Tools  Hardware

Stainless Magnetic Tray with Strong Magnets for Tools & Hardware is an excellent product that has numerous benefits. These features include strong magnets, flat design, and Stainless steel construction. You can also place smaller ferromagnetic objects on the trays to easily find the right tool. These trays are made from durable components to withstand everyday use. They contain permanent magnets that can hold their magnetic flux for a long time. However, they are susceptible to demagnetization or chipping off if exposed to external forces that may be too harsh.

Stainless steel

Whether you're a mechanic or a hobbyist, a Stainless steel magnetic tray with strong magnets for tools & hardware will keep your tools and other small metal objects in place. Its large open surface makes it easy to see all your tools, but it's also made with durable materials to prevent scratches and damage to the surfaces. This product has two types of magnets: permanent and reversible, so you can easily switch between them.

Strong magnets

This magnetic tray can be used to hold small ferrous and steel objects. Because of its wide, open surface, it can be used in either direction to hold items. And the stainless steel construction makes it durable. The permanent magnet inside the tray is designed to hold its magnetic field for years, even when it's subjected to harsh external forces. A protective soft rubber cover is included to avoid scratches and marking of finished surfaces.

Flat design

Designed for easy organization, the Flat Design Stainless Magnetic Tray w/Strong Magnets is a versatile tool box accessory that keeps small metal items within easy reach. It features a double bowl design with strong magnets and a Patented Retractable Hood. The stainless steel material makes the trays sturdy and withstand harsh environments. They can be used for DIY projects and auto repair work.


Rare earth neodymium magnets are super strong and are perfect for everyday use or for workshop applications. These magnets are made of rare earth metals and are nickel plated for extra protection. These magnets can be used for a variety of applications including tools and hardware for the home, kitchen appliances, and security systems. They can even be used to hold down a door knob, which makes them useful for many other applications.


The Alnico Stainless Magnetic Tray with Strengthen Magnets for Tools & Hardware is designed to organize your tools in a compact, yet convenient way. Its rounded shape and large, open surface make it convenient to store and transport small metal parts. The trays are constructed from durable materials, including high-grade black powder coating and spot-welded steel construction. Each tool tray is fitted with four grade 8 ceramic magnets to provide a strong magnetic field. The tray's mounting surfaces are covered with rubber coatings, which keeps the magnetic tool trays from sliding or slipping.


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