Stak Rack - 4 in 1 Painter's Accessory Tool Stacking Design

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Stak Rack - 4 in 1 Painter's Accessory Tool Stacking Design

Stak Rack 4 in 1 Painters Accessory Tool Stacking Design

If you want to spray doors or walls vertically, you should definitely check out the Stak Rack. This 4 in 1 painter's accessory tool will help you do that. Unlike a standard painting rack, this tool allows you to spray doors in both vertical and horizontal directions. It is easy to use and set-up. Here are some of its advantages. Read on to discover what makes it so great.

Stak Rack

Designed for painting doors and trim, the Stak Rack is the ultimate in compact painter's tool storage. Its triangular design maximizes storage space and virtually eliminates runs, making it the ideal painter's accessory tool for maximizing productivity. The Stak Rack is easy to set up and operate, and comes with everything you need to complete a project. The design is simple to clean and can be used by one person.

It's a 4 in 1 painter's accessory tool

If you are a painter, you should consider getting a Stak Rack. This unique painter's accessory tool comes with a 4-in-1 design, allowing you to stack and flip doors to paint more than one side at a time. Not only does this save you time and space, it also allows you to organize large projects into a compact work space. Whether you are painting an exterior door or an interior one, Stak Rack will provide you with the storage you need and a convenient way to get your tools out of the way.

It allows you to spray doors vertically or horizontally

The Stak Rack 4-in-1 painter's accessory tool allows you to spray interior doors in two different ways: vertically or horizontally. The rack fastens to the top and bottom of interior doors, allowing you to paint the doors in either direction. For added convenience, the rack can be used to spray both exterior and interior doors simultaneously.

It's easy to set-up

This easy-to-set-up, four-in-one painter's accessory tool stacking rack is made of lightweight plastic and has a patented stacked design for convenient storage. Each rack holds up to 100 pounds. With just two easy steps, you can set up your tool rack and begin painting. It is perfect for small projects, as each tool has its own storage compartment.

It's safe to buy

This 4-in-1 Painter's Accessory Tool is a great option for painting interior and exterior doors. It helps you organize the paint job, reduce materials handling, and increase production. The Stak Rack is easy to set up and use, but you should first remove any hardware. Next, prep the surface with sandpaper or masking tape. The Stak Rack can be operated and installed by one person.


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