Staple Setter

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Staple Setter

If you have to do repetitive stapling jobs, a staple setter is an excellent tool for your collection of tools. The staple setter is simple to use, so you can secure any kind of geotextile fabric, erosion control blanket, or landscape fabric in the ground with no bending down. To use the staple setter, simply push the handle down, and the device will drive staples into the ground.

Fast Cap

If you've ever misfired a staple, the FastCap 1/4" Staple Setter is the solution. It sets staples 1/16" below the surface, and all you need to do is tap the FastCap with a hammer to release the staple. Once set, you don't have to worry about misfiring your next batch of staples. Its patented design also eliminates the hassle of struggling to get the staples in place.

Fast Cap Staple Setter

If you're looking for a good staple gun, the Fast Cap Staple Setter is a good choice. This staple gun works by setting staples at a depth of 1/16" below the surface, so that you don't have to worry about misfires. The fast cap is easy to use, and comes with a carry case. You can also buy replacement staples if you find one that doesn't work.

Sod Staple Setter

A Sod Staple Setter is a tool used to firmly secure sod, landscape fabric, burlap, and other landscaping materials. Made of steel wire, these staples come in various sizes. Each box contains 500 staples. There are two common sizes, 8" x 1" and 6" x 1".

The StapleSetter has a magnetic grip to keep staples in place while driving into the ground. It is ideal for steep slopes, ditch banks, and tight areas. The U-shaped steel staples are 1" wide and require single pins to install. The StapleSetter is easy to clean, thanks to its recessed magnet. The StapleSetterTM sod staple install tool also features a magnetic grip and no moving parts.


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