Stunning Acrylic Lucent Transparent Rainbow Color Gem Cubes

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Stunning Acrylic Lucent Transparent Rainbow Color Gem Cubes

Stunning Acrylic Lucent Transparent Rainbow Color Gem Cubes Blocks

If you are looking for a great set of colorful blocks, you should consider a set of Stunning Acrylic Lucent Transparent Rainbow Colour Gem Cubes. This set of 100 blocks comes in 10 different colours and is durable. It can be assembled and disassembled easily, making it the ideal gift for your children. Read on to find out more about these blocks and how to choose them.

Stunning Acrylic Lucent Transparent Rainbow Color Gem Cubes

Your child will love playing with this set of see-through gem coin blocks! Each transparent block has a dazzling acrylic jewel at its center. These blocks can be used to create kaleidoscope-style effects. Made from beech wood, these blocks are sturdy and durable. However, small marks and other imperfections are normal and are a sign of hand-crafted workmanship. The color of this product may differ slightly from the photos due to natural variations in wood and the screen settings.

This building block set contains 100 cubes in ten different colors, making it an ideal educational toy for teaching color theory. These blocks are compatible with light panels and can also be used in scientific and mathematical experiments. When not in use, the cubes can be cleaned with soapy water and dried immediately. They are also dishwasher-safe and will stay clear and sparkling for years to come.

100 cubes in 10 different colors

If you want to get an awesome set of blocks in different colors, you should buy an Acrylic set from Bauspiel. These blocks are made with amazing craftsmanship and stack like a dream, thanks to their fine finish and fully-inset gems. If you are not sure where to find one, you can shop online for them. These are available in many colors, from blue to pink.

Easy to assemble

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This 35-piece set of Durable Acrylic Lucent Transparent Rainbow Colors Gem Cubes Blocks features a dazzling array of colors! Each of the translucent window blocks contains a sparkly gem. They also come with a wood storage tray, making cleanup a breeze! Designed for ages three and up, this colorful set makes a lovely addition to any child's play area!


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