Talking Baby Yoda 7.8 Inch Walking Baby And Toy Repeats

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Talking Baby Yoda 7.8 Inch Walking Baby And Toy Repeats

Talking Baby Yoda 78 Inch Walking Baby And Toy Repeats

If your baby likes Star Wars, then they'll love the Talking Babie Yoda 7.8 Inch Walking Baby and Toy. Its programmable remote control allows you to control Grogu's actions. Press the green, red, yellow, orange, or blue buttons to activate the toy's responses. When the child presses the blue button, the Baby Yoda searches for him or her. The motor on the Baby Yoda is loud and makes it impossible to hide your child while playing with it.


This adorable talking baby Yoda will be your child's new best friend for many years to come! He will imitate your voice and walk forward while you talk, all while your child is entertained. Your child will love this Christmas gift! The toy is made of PP cotton and polyester and weighs just 6.74 ounces. It features a cute design and is great for gifting. His green skin, large ears and eyes are sure to delight any child. He is even a decorative piece to hang on the wall or place on a shelf!


The Talking Babe Yoda 7.8 Inch Walking Baby and Toy Repeats sounds like your favorite Star Wars characters, and it also walks forward while imitating your voice. It is great for young babies and toddlers, and it's also a fun Christmas gift. The toy is made of high-quality plush fabric, and it's safe for ages three and up. It's easy to operate and comes with a battery pack.


If your child loves Star Wars, he or she will love the Squeezes talking baby Yoda toy! This adorable toy is made from high-quality materials and is 8 inches tall. This Star Wars toy can stand up to general wear and tear and can be used as a decoration, too. Parents will appreciate the fact that this toy is made of soft, durable materials.

Is durable

The Hasbro and Disney collaboration has created the talking, walking baby Yoda toy, the Child. Powered by two AAA batteries, the toy has moving arms and a sound system. You can use the toy for decorative purposes as well, or as a baby toy. However, it is recommended to read the instructions carefully. If you're worried about your child getting injured, do not buy this toy!

Is washable

This Is Washable Talking Baby Yoda 7.8 inch walking baby and Toy is made of premium-quality materials. The toy is 11 inches tall and made of polyester and PP cotton. It is an excellent gift item as well as an educational tool. The soft toy features a large eye and ears. The toy is safe for children of all ages.

Is squeezable

While the original Baby Yoda doll and figurines were missing from this holiday season, these new Yoda toys have helped boost Star Wars toy sales. During the first half of 2020, toy sales rose 16% in the U.S., and Star Wars trailed only Disney's Frozen for worldwide growth. Whether you're looking for a gift for a Star Wars fan, or for your own little one, this toy is worth checking out.


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