TEKTON 32 oz Wood Handle Rubber Mallet 30505 Black

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TEKTON 32 oz Wood Handle Rubber Mallet 30505 Black

TEKTON 32 oz Wood Handle Rubber Mallet  30505 Black

When buying a mallet, it's always better to buy a high-quality one that has a solid grip. The 30505 Black is no exception. Its wood handle and soft rubber grip offer excellent comfort. Unlike push-on grips, this one is permanently integrated into the handle. As a result, it never comes loose or pulls apart.

30505 Black

The TEKTON 32 oz. Wood Handle Rubber Mallet is an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications, from construction to woodworking. Its soft strike ensures that you don't damage wood or metal when striking a part. It is also equipped with an integrated non-slip grip for ease of handling. Its lifetime warranty adds value to the overall package.

Its lightweight design and double-faced head make it a great choice for multiple tasks. This rubber mallet has two faces and a 12-ounce head, making it an excellent choice for pounding stakes into the ground or persuading stubborn objects. Its fiberglass handle is extra-strong, absorbing shock and ensuring comfort during extended use.

30508 Black

The TEKTON 32 oz. Wood Handle Rubber Mallet 30508 is an excellent choice for most people. Its high-impact rubber head is perfect for striking steel or plastic tent pegs. Its wood handle is strong and durable, and its craftsmanship adds to the long-term durability of this mallet. The lightweight mallet is easy to hold and combines a comfortable grip with excellent strength and durability.

This rubber mallet features a wood handle and a white rubber head. It weighs 13.6 ounces and measures 12.5 inches in length. Its wooden handle gives you a firmer grip and greater control over the tool. You can purchase a three-piece set for multiple uses. Each set includes an eight-inch-wide and sixteen-inch-long rubber mallet.

30509 Black

Designed to protect sensitive surfaces, the TEKTON 32 oz. Wood Handle Rubber Mallet delivers a softer strike than steel. The design of the mallet's wood handle prevents the wood or metal from being damaged, reducing post-strike vibrations. The streamlined wood handle is simple and contoured for comfort.


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