The Movie Chase Stuffed Animal Plush Dog

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The Movie Chase Stuffed Animal Plush Dog

The Movie Chase Stuffed Animal Plush Dog

PAW PATROL: The Movie Chase Stuffed Animal Plush is an adorable new addition to your child's collection! This adorable dog features the iconic characters from the popular cartoon series. In addition to his movie-inspired costume, he wears a PAW PATROL: The Movie uniform! What child doesn't love PAW PATROL? A collection of these stuffed animals is a fun way to give your child the perfect gift.

PAW PATROL: The Movie Chase Stuffed Animal Plush

GUND is a stuffed animal dressed in the uniform of the characters from the film and TV series PAW Patrol. This adorable dog is a great gift for any PAW Patrol fan. It features the character's uniform as well as the logo of the movie, PAW Patrol. The PAW Patrol is an animated children's show and movie. GUND is dressed in PAW Patrol: The Movie uniforms, including the hooded shirt and jacket.

This adorable plush features the cute and cuddly character from the film PAW Patrol. Chase is six inches tall with big, shiny eyes and a smile embroidered on his face. He's dressed in a movie-accurate police uniform and soft hat. He's printed in rich jewel tones. Chase is sure to please any kid in your family. It ships in a protective poly bag and is suitable for ages one and up.

Collection of PAW PATROL stuffed animals

You can never go wrong with a Paw Patrol collection! From stuffed animals to playdoh, you'll find it all! This kid-friendly cartoon series is one of the most popular shows on Nickelodeon, and there's a large collection of stuffed animals based on the characters from the show. Paw Patrol stuffed animals make great gifts for any child, and moms love them too!

Price of PAW PATROL: The Movie Chase Stuffed Animal Plush

The German Shepherd from the popular movie and television series PAW Patrol makes a perfect playtime companion, and now he's available as a cuddly stuffed animal. Chase is a handsome, athletic police dog wearing a policeman's uniform. With a large, smirking smile, he'll make the perfect playmate for any PAW Patrol fan.

This adorable plush dog measures approximately 8 inches tall and features a realistic face, realistic-looking features, and ultra-soft fur. The PAW Patrol logo is emblazoned on his chest, and the paw prints on his four feet are made of super-soft premium fur. The face is also expressive, and the PAW Patrol logo adorns his chest and legs. This little dog is just the right size for naptime dreams or playtime missions. Whether your child is a PAW Patrol fan or a big kid at heart, this adorable plush is sure to be a hit!


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