The Original Daily Calendar Puzzle With 365+ Challenges

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The Original Daily Calendar Puzzle With 365+ Challenges

The Original Daily Calendar Puzzle With 365 Challenges

The Original Daily Calendar Puzzle With 365+ challenge modes is a brain-teaser, desktop puzzle, and challenge for all ages. With a new challenge every day, this puzzler keeps you busy and on the go. Each day, you'll have to fit eight puzzle pieces into the calendar frame so that it shows a single day and/or month. While it may sound easy, it can become addictive.


A brain-teaser is more than a simple puzzle. They require creative and lateral thinking to solve, and the solutions are often not obvious. There are different levels of brain-teasers, from easy to difficult. Once you've finished a challenge, you can find the answer below. This helps you continue working on the puzzle if you are stuck.

Unlike other puzzles, A-Puzzle-A-Day is completely customizable. There are more than 120 thousand possible solutions to the puzzle, and you can choose how many pieces to use to solve the daily puzzle. It's the perfect desk puzzle, and it makes a unique gift! The puzzle can be used to track important dates, and it can be enjoyed by anyone.

Desktop puzzle

A-Puzzle-A-Day is a fun and addictive puzzle game that teaches you to solve the calendar by fitting eight pieces into a calendar frame with one day or month showing on each piece. In the first challenge, you must find the puzzle's missing pieces and place them in the correct order to create the entire calendar. Afterward, you must solve the remaining puzzles until you have solved the whole thing.

The Original Daily Calendar Puzzle is an excellent way to learn math concepts while enhancing your memory and boosting your concentration. Each day a new challenge awaits you. Its innovative approach to learning the calendar has been lauded by users around the world. And, what's more, it's free. So, why wait? Get a copy today! This article was originally published at Simplemost.

Challenge for all ages

A-Puzzle-A-Day is a popular puzzle game with a 365-day calendar. This patented puzzle is designed to provide a new challenge every day. The original Daily Calendar Puzzle has fans in 50 countries. Now you can join them! The game includes a puzzle for kids and adults of all ages, from preschoolers to grandparents. With more than 365 challenges to complete, there's something for everyone!

A-Puzzle-A-Day develops problem-solving and visualization skills. Each puzzle includes a fold-out calendar sheet. This puzzle is produced and designed in Norway by DragonFjord Puzzles. It is also made from recycled wood fiber. You'll find all ages and abilities can enjoy this brain teaser! The 365 daily puzzles include probability riddles, crosswords, encoded words, and logic puzzles.


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