Tooth Fairy Pillow and Tooth Pouch

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Tooth Fairy Pillow and Tooth Pouch

Green Tooth Fairy Pillow  Tooth Fairy Doll  Tooth Fairy  Tooth Pouch

The Tooth - A favorite of many children - has a new friend! Meet the Green Tooth Fairy! In this fun and interactive book, your little one will learn about her visit to the tooth fairy, the mythical creature who leaves treasures for children who ask for them. Plus, you'll learn about the origin of the phrase "tooth-fairy."

Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy Doll is a beloved part of every child's life, and a Tooth Pouch is a great way to keep her company. This adorable green pillow features a zipper pocket for storing a tooth and coin. Made of felt and embroidered with lovely flowers, this pillow is a great choice for keeping your child's teeth in. Available in the online store or in many other stores, this item ships worldwide and is also available for purchase.

The Tooth Fairy does not only leave small gifts for children, but she can also leave meaningful gifts for them. Instead of cash or Barbie doll shoes, why not leave a small container for your child's future teeth? You can use fabric glue to assemble a Tooth Fairy pillow that has a pocket for a child's tooth. The Tooth Fairy loves to visit children who want to show their gratitude by leaving a small gift or note inside the pillow for their child to open.

Tooth Fairy Doll

This adorable pillow is perfect for wishing on a fairy's wings! Made of soft, pink cotton fabric with a heart and flower print, the pillow features an inside pocket for storing your tooth. Stuffed with polyester fiberfill, it's sure to make your child's tooth fairy dreams come true. In addition to the green pillow, the tooth fairy doll comes with a card telling your child about her magical and mystical visit.

This adorable green Tooth Mate Tooth Bear is embroidered and features a little pocket for storing your child's lost tooth. It's also a fun gift for before the Tooth Fairy comes to collect the lost tooth! A great gift for your child before the Tooth Fairy comes, this adorable green Tooth Fairy Pillow features a cute little pink pocket for the tooth and a gold star to thank her for her visit!

Tooth Pouch

Whether you are looking for a green tooth fairy pillow or a cute Tooth Witch, you can find a cute and affordable item at Spoonflower. This green tooth fairy pillow is made from a cotton fabric with a giraffe print. It has a pocket on the back and is stuffed with polyester fiberfill. It also comes with a giraffe-shaped card and is ready to ship.

The Tooth Fairy is a magical and friendly character who keeps babies' teeth. Whether your child has lost a tooth or is just curious about the mysterious creature, there's a Tooth Fairy Pillow for every child's room. This adorable and practical pillow features a gold-star embroidered tooth in the front. It's the perfect gift to give a child before the Tooth Fairy comes or after she leaves!

Tooth Fairy keepsake boxes

Tooth Fairy keepsake boxes are a fun craft for kids that let them save their fallen teeth. This kit contains everything you need to make four plaster boxes and includes instructions to decorate each one. It also includes 4 certificates that the child can give to the Fairy. Once your child receives their new tooth, they can open the box and find a note and some money. The boxes also have a slot where the parent can write a brief message and date.

You can choose from various designs of the Tooth Fairy keepsake box. The gold one has a gold fairy, and is perfect for storing all the little treasures of childhood. Your child can put their first tooth in it, or any other tiny special piece. This keepsake box will surely be loved by the Tooth Fairy. The gift will be an instant hit. So, why not give it to your child?


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