Torin Garage Workshop Organizer - Portable Steel Trolley Tool Box

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Torin Garage Workshop Organizer - Portable Steel Trolley Tool Box

Torin Garage Workshop Organizer Portable Steel Trolley Tool Box

This Torin Garage Workshop Organizer is portable, stackable, and made of steel and thermoplastic polymer. This unit has 3 separate parts - a top tray, a bottom shelf, and a storage compartment. The drawers are ball bearing and slide out for easy access. Each tool has its own compartment and is numbered for easy identification. In addition, each section features a lockable lid for added security.

Torin Garage Workshop Organizer

Torin's BIG RED portable steel trolley tool box is a must-have for any garage or workshop. This tool chest is stackable, portable, and made from steel and thermoplastic polymer. It features 3 separate parts: two slide-out drawers, a top tool chest, and a bottom tool chest with an adjustable shelf. It also comes with a limited 1 year manufacturer warranty.


The Torin Garage Workshop Organizer features varying storage compartments for storing tools, hardware, and supplies. The toolbox has 24 small part compartments, two removable trays, a deep bottom compartment, and cable hooks to hold tape rolls and other small supplies. It is also equipped with a lockable cabinet for extra security. It is a durable toolbox with a limited one-year manufacturer warranty.

The tool box is made of heavy-duty gauge steel with a red corrosion-resistant powder finish. Its heavy-duty metal latch keeps your tools safely inside, and the convenient handle makes it easy to fetch tools. There are no inner compartments, but the large capacity means you can store bigger tools in the box. The box also has two ball-bearing drawers, making it a great option for garage workshops.


If you're looking for a portable, stackable tool box, the Torin Garage Workshop Organizer Portable Steel Trello Tool Box is the right product for you. It's made of steel and thermoplastic polymer, and consists of three distinct parts: a tool chest, a drawer, and a wheel. The tool chest features 2 slide out drawers and ball bearings for easy movement.

Professional auto enthusiasts might want to consider a tool chest to keep their equipment and parts organized, while home auto enthusiasts might want to opt for a tool bag or tool chest. Professionals, on the other hand, might want to invest in a workshop tool chest for their tools, although portable tool boxes are typically the best choice for most DIYers and professionals. There are several types of tool boxes on the market today, and some cost more than others but are more durable and fit a variety of needs.


A toolbox can be a useful tool storage option for a garage or workshop. A good toolbox is both stackable and portable, making it easy to move around and store tools. With the wide variety of portable tool boxes available, it can be challenging to decide which one is best for your needs. The following are a few tips to help you choose the right toolbox for your garage.


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