Toys For 3-6 Years Old Girls and Boys LCD Writing Tablet 10 Inch Doodle Board

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Toys For 3-6 Years Old Girls and Boys LCD Writing Tablet 10 Inch Doodle Board

Toys for 36 Years Old Girls Boys LCD Writing Tablet 10 Inch Doodle Board

The LCD writing tablet uses the latest pressure-sensitive technology to create a line by pressing the pen hard or softly. Its use is environmentally friendly and economical, since the toy offers up to 100,000 writings, and it eliminates the need for pencils and paper. In addition, the toy can be emptied within a second. The price of the LCD writing tablet varies, but we recommend it for its ease of use, durability, and reusability.

Ideal kids toy

This kids toy is a great learning tool that lets you draw and write on a large screen. Just like drawing on paper, this tablet will produce lines of different thickness depending on how hard you push the erase button. This tablet features an erase button that makes all content erased instantly with one click. There is also a key lock to prevent accidental erasing.

Easy to use

When you're shopping for a kids' toy, don't forget to look for an easy to use LCD writing tablet. The writing tablet comes with an ultra-slim plastic design and has an anti-shock and fall feature. It also weighs just 150 grams, making it portable and convenient to use at home, in the car, or even in an airplane. This tablet comes with a stylus so kids can use it even if they're not seated in the room.

Saves money

This doodle board is a great way to encourage your child's creative imagination while allowing them to use their fingers to create beautiful art work. It's also a great way to teach your child about counting, writing, and spelling, all while having fun! You can purchase an LCD writing tablet that comes in pink or blue, or get a multifunction kids tablet. Your child can even use it as scratch paper for math problems, while you can write shopping lists or notes.


Reusable LCD Writing Tablet for 3-6 Year Old Girls and Boys are eco-friendly alternatives to paper. The drawing tablet is eco-friendly as it makes use of pressure-sensitive LCD technology, eliminating the need for paper. It is easy to use, with a button on the left side to erase and eraser that is locked. Your child can safely work for hours without any worry. This tablet is also made of durable materials to resist shocks and falls.

Easy to clean

If you want to give your child the gift of drawing, consider an LCD writing tablet. These tablets are great for creative and low-maintenance drawing sessions. They are easy to use, with a lock key to erase full-screen images or words. For safety, the writing tablet comes with a battery and writing stylus pen. Just remember to keep the writing tablet out of ultraviolet light and dust, and don't attach sharp objects to the battery. To clean it properly, use a no-dust cloth. If the contents are clear, replace the button battery.


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