Turtle Lamp Lighting With Light Clamp Practical Reptile Supplies

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Turtle Lamp Lighting With Light Clamp Practical Reptile Supplies

A good turtle lamp will give your reptiles the UVB and UVA rays they need. Reptiles thrive under light similar to that of the sun. These rays are good for the pet's digestion and appetite, and they help promote a balanced growth of nutrients. These lights can be adjusted to the perfect temperature and brightness, and they have a rotating head for better coverage. You can also adjust the application of the light by rotating the head 360 degrees.


A UVB lamp is a great way to provide a constant source of UVB light for turtles. There are different types available, but all of them have their own benefits. A good UVB lamp for turtles should be of the same size as the turtle, and it should be placed near the turtle's nesting box. Turtles need high-quality light, and UVB lamps can help to achieve this. The Zoo Med Aquatic Turtle Lighting Kit includes a polished aluminum dome, dual ceramic sockets, and a UVB lamp and halogen lamp.

Heat lamps

A heat lamp for a turtle is essential for a variety of reasons. Firstly, turtles are cold blooded and rely on the environment to maintain the correct internal temperature. The ideal temperature for a turtle is between 78 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Without heat, the turtle will suffer from respiratory illness and can develop shell rot. If it does not receive sufficient heat, it will also have difficulty digesting food and may not move at all.

Fluorescent tubes

The most important thing when installing fluorescent tubes for turtle lamp lighting is to choose the right type. The right type of fluorescent lamp will not only light up the turtle's tank, but will also keep the environment cool. Ideally, you should place the turtle lamp near a basking area. You should replace the bulbs every six to eight months. This is because the UVB spectrum ages and the bulb no longer delivers the right level of light for turtles. It is therefore important to replace the bulbs when they start to fail.

Ceramic Heat Emitters

Reptiles can benefit from heat lamps in their tanks. They're waterproof and anti-crack, and they can stay on around the clock. While some turtles may not appreciate the constant heat, these lamps are beneficial for keeping your aquatic pets warm during the night, especially for those who don't keep them in water at all. This lamp has a low wattage of 60 watts, so it won't overheat the turtle's tank or make it uncomfortable.

Combo lights

If you want to give your pet turtle a comfortable and safe environment, you can purchase a lamp that includes a combined UVB/UVA light source. These light sources can be placed over the basking ramp in a turtle tank. The manufacturers of these turtle lamps will provide instructions on how to position them. Using these lamps correctly is crucial for turtle health, as they should be placed over cooler areas of the tank.

Timer options

Turtles require a high level of UVB rays, so they should be exposed to a UVB-light source near basking areas. It's also important to replace UVB bulbs regularly, as the wavelengths of light begin to shift out of the 280-315 nanometer range after a few months. This can damage the turtle's eyes, as well as yours.


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