Unusual Unique Best Friend Gifts

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Unusual Unique Best Friend Gifts

Best friend gift personalized secret magic keepsake box unusual unique

A Y2K inspired chunky ring, a Hogwarts castle music box, or a Tik Tok poetry book would be ideal best friend gifts for your best friend. Or, you could get her a Hogwarts acceptance letter and let her keep it in a special box. Whatever you decide, your best friend will be delighted. And the best part is, you don't have to worry about it getting lost in the mail.

Hogwarts castle music box

A hand-crafted, engraved Hogwarts castle music box is sure to give your best friend goosebumps. Whether he likes the movies or the books, he'll love listening to the iconic tune from the books. These personalized gifts are the perfect way to show your love for this wizarding world. This personalized gift features a custom engraved inside message of your choice.

The beautiful details of this personalized Hogwarts castle music box will surely impress your best friend. Not only does it have the iconic sound of a hobbit house, but it also features the Hogwarts crest. Best of all, it's sure to make your best friend's holiday season extra special. And while you're at it, don't forget to purchase a gift certificate for them - they'll love the thought!

Hogwarts acceptance letter

Your son or daughter will treasure the Hogwarts acceptance letter forever. The letters are written on parchment paper and are delivered by an owl or a special messenger to the student and their parents. While Harry Potter received his letter through the regular Muggle postal service, he was aware of the magical world and its school. The letter also contains information about the required textbooks and materials.

Tik Tok poetry book

For a more unconventional gift idea, you could give your bestie a personalized secret magic keepsake box. You can use a hot glue gun to dangle bedazzling beads on the lid of the box, and you can even add some glitter to the cup to make it sparkle. You can get inspiration from various sources, including Pinterest, Tik Tok, and other online communities. Although memory boxes take time to make, most of the supplies you will need are around your house. While you may not have any origami skills, you can help your bestie make a personalized gift with a little help from the Internet.


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