Upholstery Nails for Furniture

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Upholstery Nails for Furniture

You'll find that decorative nailing is a great way to jazz up wood frames and highlight your upholstery project. The versatile nail is perfect for tables, chairs, ottomans, and bookcases. They can even be used to outline a vintage chair's curve. These decorative nails are ideal for antique and vintage upholstery projects. Read on to learn how to use them. This article describes three types of nails that you can use on furniture.

Western Decorative Star Upholstery Tack & Nails Old Silver

If you are looking for a tack that will add subtle decor to your fabric projects, look no further than Brushed Silver Round Decorative Tacks. They have a slightly shiny brushed silver finish that will add subtle decor to your fabric projects. These tacks are ideal for pin-tucking or tufting fabric, as well as nail-head trim.

Decorative upholstery tacks are the perfect solution for adding character and flair to your furniture. Available in a variety of finishes, colors, and styles, these tacks are a cost-effective way to add character and flair to your furniture projects. You can choose from a wide variety of designs and colors to match your upholstery. You can also customize your decorative upholstery tacks to suit your specific needs.


Decorative nails are an excellent choice for securing furniture and upholstery. Dritz provides a variety of application tools that are suitable for all types of upholstery. The Tack Hammer is designed specifically for use with upholstery, with a slotted head for easy removal. The Rubber Mallet is best suited for use on solid surfaces and does not damage the surrounding area. This nail set includes twenty-four decorative nails.

Dritz(r) Indian Nickel

Decorative nail heads are often used to decorate furniture. Dritz Home 44273 Square Decorative Nails feature 7/16" diameter square heads. The nailheads are made of high-quality nickel-plated brass. These nails are suitable for use on upholstered furniture and provide a high-quality finish. Dritz(r) Indian Nickel Upholstery Nails are also available in square and round designs.

Arts, Decorative Nails are 7/16" diameter and are designed for use in securing fabric and trims. These nails can be used for all home decorating projects and give an elegant finish to any piece of furniture. Dritz(r) Indian Nickel Upholstery Nails are a good choice for the job as they combine function and fashion. These nails will help you give your furniture a new life!


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