VistaView CableTec Hand Crimper Tool With Built-In Cutter

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VistaView CableTec Hand Crimper Tool With Built-In Cutter

VistaView CableTec Hand Crimper Tool

A good quality hand crimper tool is essential when working with cable. The VistaView CableTec Hand Crimper Tool with Built-In Cutter is 14 inches long and designed for both threaded and bare terminals. This tool can be used for a wide variety of cable construction tasks and has been recommended by many users due to its high quality construction materials. It is easy to use and will save you time and money when it comes to creating a professional-looking crimp.

Deck Toggles are a surface mounted end for cable railings

Unlike deck posts, where you need to secure the whole system in place, you don't need to drill holes into the post itself. Deck Toggles have two ends, one for the cable and one for the end fitting. The end fitting is mounted on the post using two screws through the base. You can install it on a wood blocking or post using lag screws. The end fitting can adjust by 180 degrees, depending on the angle of the cable.

Deck Toggles are a surface-mounted end for cable railings. They are also available separately as well as in sets of two or four. Deck Toggles are the most affordable option and come with stainless steel hardware. The Clearview(r) - Adjustable Surface Mounted End is a stainless cable railing hardware that fits 1/8-in uncoated stainless steel cable. This hardware requires an AGS-Cable Crimper for proper installation.

Threaded Terminals provide tensioning for cable railings

The VistaView CableTec Threaded Terminals are a great option to use for tensioning cable railings. These terminals are generally housed within end posts. They can be used with all types of end posts, including 2" pipe. Because they are threaded, they require a specialized hand crimper tool to attach them. Standard crimper tools will not crimp these terminals, resulting in loose fittings and potential cable slipout. This is a specialized tool that is available for purchase.

Regardless of the type of cable used for your cable railing, you will need to purchase the appropriate fittings to ensure the tension is correct. VistaView CableTec Threaded Terminals are made with premium-grade stainless steel. They are also sold separately to avoid cheap hardware. If you are considering installing cable railings, make sure to shop for them from a reputable manufacturer that guarantees customer satisfaction.

Muzata CR09 crimper

The Muzata CR09 hand cleaver tool for VistaView CableTec is one of the most commonly used cable fittings. It features a built-in cutter and is intended for use with 1/8'' cable. In addition to being easy to use, the tool is also compatible with VistaView's crimp bosses. It is made from T316 marine-grade stainless steel, ensuring exceptional strength and durability. Muzata also offers project assistance and equipment rentals.

This tool is made of custom-designed and forged steel to give 45 tons of crimping force. It's perfect for crimping stainless steel cable railing kits. The hydraulic crimping process is easy to control, thanks to the tool's pressure-release system. The tool also features an ergonomic, cushioned handle that helps the user perform crimping without fatigue. It also has regular crimping dies for copper and aluminum products.


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