WANLIAN Hardware Tools Side Cutters

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WANLIAN Hardware Tools Side Cutters

Wire Cutters WANLIAN hardware tools Side Cutters

Whether you're trying to remove the insulation on a cable, strip wire from a fence, or remove electrical wire from a junction box, the right pair of side cutters can make your job much easier. These wire cutters feature Chromium vanadium steel construction and are designed to cut a wide variety of wire gauges. Listed below are some of the best wire cutters on the market, and which ones are best for your needs.

Channellock's E337CB

Featuring Xtreme Leverage Technology (XLT), Channellock's E337CB Diagonal Cutting Pliers minimize cutting force while providing a consistent pattern along the cutting edge. These pliers are made of high carbon steel and are laser heat treated for maximum durability. The ergonomically designed grips are ideal for a variety of hand sizes and shapes. They are also lightweight and ergonomically designed to maximize comfort and control while cutting.

Chromium vanadium steel

When cutting wires, high-strength chrome-vanadium steel is an excellent choice. A professional electrician should have three types of wire cutters to use when performing their work. These cutters come with a variety of features, including anti-slip handles, two-edge grinding, and fine surface polishing. They are easy to operate and comfortable to hold. They can be used for cutting high-voltage PE and IV cables, as well as soft copper wires.

Wide range of gauges cut

Whether you're working with electrical wire or a variety of other materials, you can make quick work of cutting a wide range of gauges with a pair of WANLIAN hardware tools Side Cutters. The IGAN-170 wire cutter has an opening spring and precision electronics for fine cutting. Its compact design makes it easy to work in tight areas. Made of TPE material, it cuts small wire easily without damaging the surrounding wire. These tools are not designed to cut large gauge or hard wire.


A good pair of safety wire cutters is a must have for any workshop. Not only will these tools save time and money, they will also prevent injuries caused by falling nuts and bolts. However, the safety wire cutters will not prevent fatigue failure, which is caused by low tensioned bolts being exposed to vibrations. Safety wire cutters from WANLIAN hardware tools can be used to cut both lockwire and safety wire.


This set of side-cutting pliers features an induction-hardened blade that can cut ACSR, nails, screws, and even most hardened wire. It has a heavy-duty design and is precision machined with a long, tempered jaw. The blades are designed for high-leverage cutting with four times more cutting power than other wire cutters, and the handles are individually tempered to withstand snapping while cutting wire.


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