Woodworking Scriber 24in Architect Ruler

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Woodworking Scriber 24in Architect Ruler

Woodworking Scriber TSquare Ruler 24in Architect Ruler

Considering buying a T-square ruler for your woodworking needs? Here are a few options: Alvin T-square, Westcott Junior T-square, and Starrett T-square. All of them come with beveled edges for clean drawings. And the two-inch rulers also feature a hang-hole. You can use either one for precise measurements or both!

Alvin T-Square Ruler

If you're an architect, a 24in t-square will do the trick. The T-Square is made from durable, top-grade hardwood and promises to last for years. Its beveled edges also make it easy to ink, so your drawings will always be clear. Both the plastic and aluminum T-squares are calibrated on both sides.

The T-square is transparent and is made of anodized aluminium, which resists bending. It also comes with 1-inch graduations for added accuracy. It is great for general layout and drafting work. Unlike many acrylic T-squares, the 36" ruler is durable and built to meet industry standards. Its plastic head and shaft are etched with large, easy-to-read numbers and measurements.

Westcott Junior T-Square Ruler

The Westcott Junior T-Square RuleR is a drawing instrument that can be used to draw horizontal lines. Its transparent, durable plastic construction is also useful for card making and scrapbooking projects. The ruler has measurements in inches and metric units. The transparent plastic is also highly durable and prevents it from fading over time. It is also dishwasher safe for use by children. The product comes in a set of two.

This handy tool allows your child to draw horizontal lines and is ideal for school and home use. Its metric and inches calibrations make it ideal for teaching kids about calculating sizes and angles. The ruler is constructed from clear acrylic plastic and is durable enough for the youngest users. This tool can also be used for drafting. This is because it is made of a sturdy plastic and can withstand many uses.

Starrett T-Square Ruler

A T-square ruler is an essential tool for architects, designers, and other construction professionals. Its transparent plastic blade is incredibly accurate and durable, and it also features 1-inch graduations for added accuracy. This ruler is ideal for drafting, general layout work, and more, and it also comes with a convenient hanging hole to make it easy to store when not in use.

The T-Square is the most common design, but this tool can be a good choice for anyone who is trying to draw a simple, straight line. This product comes with beveled edges to make drawing straighter and more precise. The 18-inch version is longer than the 12-inch T-square, and both have an easy-to-hang hole.


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