Woodworking Tool Set - Double Edge Trimmer Banding Machine Set Wood Head

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Woodworking Tool Set - Double Edge Trimmer Banding Machine Set Wood Head

If you're in the market for a new banding machine, consider getting a tool set. These kits can be incredibly helpful for a variety of woodworking projects. They often include everything from wood heads to dovetail jigs. The following article will discuss the different tools available in this set, their features, prices, and where to buy. You may be surprised at the options available!


The Double Edge Trimmer Banding Machine Set has several useful functions, but it's not necessary to purchase a complete machine to complete your work. This manual tool is suitable for a variety of applications, from trimming excess edges of wood to cutting PVC panels. A double edge trimmer is an essential woodworking tool, as its smooth cutting surface is ideal for polishing. This tool also has a wide base for comfortable trimming, as well as an adjustable tilting system. It features a powerful 750-Watt motor, a constant torque control, and an external dust collector connection.


The Double Edge Trimmer Banding Machine Set Woodhead comes with two sets of blades and a knife holder. The blades are made of premium carbon steel and are resistant to aging. Its ergonomic design is easy to use and comfortable to hold. Its durable PVC casing makes it suitable for both professionals and hobbyists. In addition, the tool has a non-slip grip, which prevents slipping. The machine also comes with two sets of blades and an extra emery cloth.

The ME 35 edgebander is built on the same production platform as the ME 35 and comes with an interchangeable glue pot. It can also round the edges fully. It also comes with a dedicated anti-adhesive unit. In addition, it has a powerful 750-W motor and a constant torque control. Finally, its single-phase or 3-phase power supply allows you to operate it on a single or two-phase power source.


The Price of Double Edge Trimmer Banding Machine and Wood Head - This equipment comes with high-quality carbon steel blades and an anti-slip top surface. Its edge-banding cutter is made for trimming oak edge banding and installing it. The blades are made of high-speed steel for durability. You don't have to change the blades for years. It also works on PVC, melamine, and plastic.

Its blade-release mechanism is simple and easy to use, thus preventing you from cutting yourself. The blade-sized cutter has a 100*18*0.5mm size and consists of ten blades. Its main body is made of solid PVC and is resistant to aging. The non-slip top surface makes it safer to use. The machine also comes with two sets of blades for durability.

Where to buy

If you are unsure of where to buy Double Edge Trimmer Banding Machine, we recommend contacting a reputable supplier. A good place to buy your double edge trimmer is from the manufacturer, Fortune Extendables Corp., based in Taiwan. They specialize in woodworking hand tools, hardware, and dovetail jigs. They offer one-stop shopping for all of your woodworking needs.

When choosing a double edge trimmer, consider the type of edge you are working with. A basic single edge trimmer will work fine for small edges, while a double edge trimmer is suitable for larger edges. The double edge trimmer comes with two independent edge trimmers that are able to cut edges up to 40 mm. It also has a dust collection connection and a powerful 750 W motor.


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