Yecaye 94in J Channel Cable Raceway - 6 Pack 15.7in Desk Cord Cable Organizer

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Yecaye 94in J Channel Cable Raceway - 6 Pack 15.7in Desk Cord Cable Organizer

Yecaye 94in J Channel Cable Raceway  6 Pack 157in Desk Cord Cable

A cluttered under table area is not only an eyesore, it can also pose a safety risk to children and pets. A cord hider is a great way to hide unsightly cords and increase the safety of your home. Not only will you be able to keep cords off the floor, but the cord hider will also protect the cords from damage.

Organizer keeps lint and dirt off cables

With the Yecaye 94in J Channel cable raceway, you can keep your cables neat and tidy. Its locking seam design keeps cables from curling, cracking, or fraying. The cable organizer is easy to install with screws or wall anchors. The cable organizer is safe for your cables and will also keep them out of the way of small hands.

Cable lint and dirt can easily ruin the performance of your computer. So, it is necessary to keep them clean and organized. Using a cable organizer is one of the best solutions for this problem. It is also an attractive and practical way to organize your cords. This cable organizer comes with two cable baskets, four desk clamps, and extra cable ties.

Adhesive tape is twice the length of the J Channel Cable Raceway

A cable raceway kit is the perfect solution for hiding your cords under your desk and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home. It helps keep your cables off the floor and prevents them from getting tangled or getting sucked up by a vacuum cleaner. It also keeps cords safe and hidden from children and pets.

Its non-locking J-style design accommodates up to 10 power cables and is available in six sections, each 15.7 inches long. It also comes with adhesive tape, making it easier to install. This cable raceway kit is made to fit any corner.

Organizer keeps cables clean and safe

Cable clutter is an eyesore and can be a danger to kids and pets. Fortunately, there are cord management systems that can help keep your cables organized and safe. A j channel cable raceway is an excellent choice for cable management, as it conceals cords and keeps them off the floor. In addition to keeping your cables organized, these organizers also keep your home looking neat and tidy.

Cable raceways are easy to install and can be painted to match any decor. The raceways are adjustable and can be mounted to walls or desks. They come with double-sided mounting tape so you can adjust them to fit your needs. You can also customize the lengths by cutting the pieces to your desired length.

Organizer keeps cables off the ground

Cords dangling from your desk can be a visual annoyance and a hazard for children and pets. Using a cable raceway will not only keep your cables organized and out of reach, but it will also prevent them from damaging your furniture. These j channel cable raceways are great for hiding wires and cables that you don't want laying around.

Cable raceways are available in several styles to meet your specific needs. You can find some that are slim enough to fit behind your desk, while others have latch-style or open-top designs. No matter what type of cable raceway you want, there's a Yecaye solution for your office or home.


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