13 Inch Self Closing Gate Door Spring Hardware For Wooden and Vinyl Fence

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13 Inch Self Closing Gate Door Spring Hardware For Wooden and Vinyl Fence

13 inch Self Closing Gate Door Spring Hardware for Wooden and Vinyl Fence

If you need to automatically close your gates or doors, then this self closing gate spring is the right choice for you. Adjustable for heavy or light duty work, this self closing gate spring can be used on left-hand and right-hand openings. Made of corrosion-resistant steel, this gate door spring comes with screws and mounting fasteners. It also comes with an adjustable tool to allow you to set the spring tension for the right or left-handed gates.

Adjustable tool steel black

The Adjustable Tool Steel Black for 13 Inch Self Closing Gate Door Spring Hardware for Wood and Vinyl Fence is designed to install on both wood and PVC fences and gates. The steel spring is ten inches tall and has color matched screws for PVC or wood gates. The handle is 10 inches long. The spring is made from heavy-duty steel with a black powder coat finish.

Whether your wooden or vinyl fence requires a self-closing gate, this adjustable spring hinge will get the job done. It is made from premium 304 stainless steel and features a patented tension adjustability. Its stainless steel components and large fixing leaves make it the perfect spring for a gate. This spring hinge is durable and requires no maintenance. Simply adjust the spring to the proper tension and you're all set.

304 series stainless steel

304 series stainless steel gate door spring hardware is available for virtually any type of wooden or vinyl fence gate. These springs are powder-coated and installed with stainless steel screws. Many different styles are available, including those designed for self-closing gates. You can also choose to install these springs on gates that don't self-close. This hardware is also adjustable for ease of installation.

Gate hinges are a vital part of any gate because they determine the strength and functionality of your gate. Using these hinges on your wooden or vinyl fence can provide stability, security, and prevent accidents from closing your gate. Moreover, this type of hardware is easy to install, and the fasteners are included with your purchase. Typically, each gate hinge is sold as a pair.

Powder coated finish

If you need a door or gate that closes automatically, a self-closing gate spring is the perfect solution. Made of durable steel with a powder coat finish, this spring will fit any gate or door. Its length is adjustable and comes with all the necessary hardware to install it. It also comes with mounting screws and fasteners for mounting the door or gate spring.

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Safety versions

If you are looking to buy the Safety versions of 13 inch Self Closing gate door spring hardware for Wooden or vinyl fence, you can find them here. The J303 spring is the most common type, and it measures 80 mm wide by 800 mm high. The plate is 3 mm thick and 80 mm wide by 880 mm high. Its rounded edges prevent injury from tripping or slamming into it. Its installation requires only a small amount of effort, and the plate itself is very sturdy.

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